Fly Style, Harlem’s Hubert Fauntleroy Julian And Bessie Coleman 1921

A rare photograph of Harlem’s fashionable pilot Hubert Fauntleroy Julian (aka The Black Eagle), arm-in-arm with the beautiful legendary female pilot Bessie Coleman. Only Harlemite can look this good after a parachute landing.

Harlem’s legendary Trinidad born pilot Hubert Fauntleroy Julian was the first black man to get a pilot’s license is dressed Harlem prep style, in a long sleeve v-neck white sweater with black lettering over a black tie and white shirt, topped off with a pilots hat and goggles. The Texas born Bessie Coleman was the first black female pilot dressed in more traditional style flying gear in a military inspired style dress coat, a wide leather waist belt, flying pants, lace-up knee boots, her own pilots hat and goggles.

Aviatrix Bessie Coleman poses alongside Aviator, Hubert Fauntleroy Julian. Photographed by F. M. McCullough on September 3, 1922. Via

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