Since June, six U.S. airlines have received permission to fly routes to Cuba, though Havana has been excluded until now. JetBlue was the first to land a commercial flight in the country, with a trip to Santa Clara on Aug. 31. With Southwest’s announcement, insiders expect other airlines to follow with cheap fares of their own to Havana, though $59 might be hard to beat.

To book: You have until November 20 this flight deal—while seats last, of course. This booking is pretty easy, though you’ll need to have a legal reason to visit before you book. (See above.) If you’re feeling spontaneous and want to book first and figure a visa out later, know that these flights are non-refundable, but can be redeemed for other Southwest flights if you need to cancel your Cuba trip in the future. Just head to the Southwest booking site and select a one-way flight that works for you. Included in your $59 fare? Cuban healthcare (required for all American visitors) and two checked bags.

*Prices for flights from New York City airports (JFK Airport and La Guardia Airport) may differ.