The Famous Lenox Oval In Harlem NY 1911-1930’s


The Lenox Oval at Lenox Avenue and 145th Street was the play field where many a sport was played from soccer with the New York Soccer Leaque, like the St. George’s, I. R. T. Strollers to Negro Leaque baseball, like the Lincoln Stars, Lincoln Giants, etc., was played in Harlem, New York frm 1911 to 1930.

The Big Book of Jewish Baseball writes that in 1912, the Lenox Oval was where Al Schact a young pitcher with the Metropolitians, a New York semi-pro club, pitched against the recently retired Cy Young. Cy was forty five at the time and lost the game to the promiing young Schact. Cy hung it up after that game and never picthed again.

You can see from the image above the image above of this very crowded soccer game, the northern section of the field where the photographer stood was undeveloped with spotted rocks, grass, tire tube or two and more (right beyond the center fielder).

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