Fabulous Harlem Townhouse With A Indoor/Outdoor Experience Seeks $3.75M

225637188-0A Hamilton Heights townhouse has hit the market for $3.75 million, and according to the brokerbabble, it’s a “once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history on one of the most desirable landmarked streets, Hamilton Terrace.” An overstatement? Maybe not—the place is exquisite.

225637193-0It’s owned by actress Tamara Tunie and musician Gregory Generet, who purchased the home for a mere $225,000 in 1993. They’ve been trying to sell the place since 2014; it was originally listed for $3.75 million, got a price chop, and is now back to its original asking price.

225637209-0Designed by architect William Storm in 1896, the five-story, 18-foot-wide home is warm and inviting with tons of original details, four palatial bedrooms, and a civilized assortment of living spaces (a music room and a library).

225637226-0Less historically, though perhaps more conveniently, the townhouse is also fully decked out with a very fancy kitchen, complete with granite countertops, brand-name appliances, and an adjacent glass atrium/sunroom/porch, for a “unique indoor/outdoor dining experience.” Another highlight: the 700 square feet of outdoor deck space, ideal for taking in the eastern skyline and/or communing with the ghost of your most famous new neighbor, Alexander Hamilton.

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