Fab Five Fave Photos From Rucker Park, Harlem

Harlem World Magazine of course loves Rucker Park, and of course we picked our Fab Five Fave photographs taken at Rucker Park in Harlem

If you don’t know, Rucker Park is located at 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard across the street from the Polo Grounds baseball site, in Harlem, NY. Many people who played at the park achieved a level of fame for their basketball skills, and many have gone on to play in the NBA.

The court appears in tones of videogames NBA Ballers, NBA Street, NBA Street Vol. 2, NBA Street V3 and NBA 2K7 as a playable court.

1. Is this jump ball with Earl “The Goat” Manigault at Rucker from the 1970’s (photo above).

2. The through the legs, and rock the craddle slam dunk at the 29th EBC tournament July, 2009 warm up before the All-Star game.

3. This is the Dance Theatre of Harlem like flava dunk, from the July, 2010 summer Rucker Park Slam Dunk contest.

4. The Billy Harris skywalker dunk from 1973 at Rucker. It was said that he routinely made shots from 30 feet and leaped over players when he decided to dominate a game.

5. The rim is at eye level dunk, with his elbow way above the rim, the air this anonymous player gets is completely ridiculous.

What do you think, have better picks?

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