F.Y. Eye, NY’s Leading Nonprofit Media Group Elects New Board Members

F.Y. Eye, Inc. announced that Eva Kantrowitz of Horizon Media and Grace Chung of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation NYC have been elected to its Board of Directors. F.Y. Eye runs New York City’s community-driven PSA Network.

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F.Y. Eye runs a digital advertising platform that reaches over one million New Yorkers throughout the City’s five boroughs and Westchester. As the leading New York nonprofit media group, F.Y. Eye offers other nonprofit organizations and government agencies creative and media buying services at affordable rates.

“We are thrilled to have Ms. Kantrowitz and Ms. Chung join our team to lead us in taking purposeful and strategic steps to help New Yorkers in need connect to the knowledge and services they deserve as well as to shepherd the organization in its next chapter in growth and impact,” said Stewart Abramson, one of F.Y. Eye’s founding Board members.

Eva Kantrowitz is an esteemed marketing and advertising professional who brings decades of experience in boosting growth, data analytics, driving client satisfaction, and managing strategic partnerships. She is also a face, voice and proponent for women’s leadership. “I am thrilled to be invited to join F.Y. Eye’s Board and believe greatly in their purpose and outlook. I look forward to making a contribution to their growth as it translates into success for the programs and communities they support,” stated Ms. Kantrowitz.

Grace Chung is a committed community advocate, fundraiser and nonprofit manager. She has dedicated her career to the public sector, cultivating experiences in philanthropy and nonprofit communications as well as relationships with a number of community-based partners. Ms. Chung is part of a nationwide network of funders committed to furthering racial equity in their work. “I’m honored to join the F.Y. Eye board at this key milestone, and excited to get working with the team on elevating pressing messages from the nonprofit sector, and making sure they reach those who are most impacted by inequity and systemic injustice in New York City,” Ms. Chung remarked.

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“With Ms. Kantrowitz’s institutional knowledge of the for-profit media landscape and Ms. Chung’s community development expertise, F.Y. Eye will be able to provide our social impact clients insights and capabilities that will enrich their campaigns and deepen their impact,” said Nina Robbins, F.Y. Eye’s Program Director.

F.Y. Eye celebrates 15 years of service to New York’s nonprofit sector in 2020. It will be celebrating its anniversary and putting the F.Y. Eye board members to work on ensuring that all New Yorkers participate in the 2020 Census and vote in the upcoming elections.

F.Y. Eye is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to build public awareness about New York’s important social, civic and educational programs by delivering high-quality, low-cost public service announcements throughout NYC and beyond. www.fyeye.org

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