Exploring The Cost Of Living At Rogers, Arizona

November 13, 2023

Nestled in the enchanting Ozarks, Rogers, AR has emerged as a beacon for those in pursuit of a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and the tranquil embrace of nature.

This picturesque city, with its charming downtown and verdant landscapes, is more than just a visual treat; it’s a place where the cost of living in Rogers, AR, is an essential factor for residents and potential newcomers alike. As the interest in this area grows, understanding the economic nuances is as vital as appreciating its scenic trails and historic museums. 

It’s not just the beauty of the region that’s enticing people; the cost of living in Rogers, AR, has become a magnetic point of conversation, drawing families and professionals to explore what many believe to be an affordable alternative to the metropolitan living. With a community warm in hospitality and rich in opportunity, it’s no wonder that many are eager to call Rogers home. 

As we dissect the cost of living piece by piece, it’s clear why the city’s blend of affordability and quality of life is attracting a growing population. Moreover, when one asks, “Is it expensive to live in Rogers, Arkansas?” The answer leans comfortably towards ‘no’, especially when considering the rising costs prevalent in numerous American cities today. 

Housing Costs

Overview of Housing Market

The housing market in Rogers, AR, is a significant component of the overall cost of living. From quaint cottages to sprawling estates, the area offers a diverse range of options. As with many U.S. cities, prices have fluctuated, with the current trend showing a competitive market. Homeownership is a key element in the American dream, and in Rogers, it’s a feasible goal for many.

  • The median home price in Rogers might be around $250,000, compared to Little Rock’s $280,000.
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment could be $800 per month, which is quite competitive compared to the national median of around $1,200.

Renting vs. Buying

When it comes to the cost of living in Rogers, AR, choosing between renting and buying is a pivotal decision. Renting can offer flexibility, while buying is an investment in your future. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is reasonably affordable, but those looking to buy will find median home prices that are approachable, especially compared to larger metropolitan areas.

Average Housing Prices

Rogers boasts a housing market where the average housing prices are somewhat aligned with the national figures. Whether you’re in the market for a starter home or something more spacious for a growing family, Rogers offers a variety of housing options at prices that can accommodate a range of budgets.

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Monthly Utilities

The monthly utility bill is an important part of the cost of living in Rogers, AR. A typical household can expect to pay for electricity, gas, and water. These services in Rogers are reliable and comparable to national averages, with slight variations depending on consumption and seasonal changes.

  • Monthly utilities for a standard household might run approximately $150-$200 in Rogers, while the national average can hover around $200-$300.

Electricity, Gas, Water

The temperate climate of Rogers can lead to moderate electricity and gas bills, as extreme heating or cooling is not often necessary. Water bills are also reasonable, reflecting the city’s efficient public services. On average, residents can expect utility bills to be a manageable portion of their monthly expenses.

  • Gas prices in Rogers might average around $2.50 per gallon compared to the national average of around $3.00.

Internet and Cable Services

With the digital age in full swing, internet and cable services have become non-negotiable utilities. In Rogers, AR, these services are provided by several companies, offering competitive rates and various bundles that can be tailored to individual or family needs.

  • Internet and cable packages in Rogers could average around $100 per month, a figure that aligns with the broader state average.

Food and Groceries

Cost of Groceries

Grocery expenses are a staple in the cost of living. In Rogers, AR, residents enjoy access to a wide range of supermarkets and local farmers’ markets. The cost of groceries here remains on par with the national average, ensuring that quality produce and goods are accessible without breaking the bank.

  • A basket of groceries that would typically cost $100 nationwide might only cost $90 in Rogers.

Eating Out vs. Cooking at Home

The debate between eating out and cooking at home is ever-present. In Rogers, the vibrant food scene offers an array of dining options, from budget-friendly eateries to upscale restaurants. However, frequent dining out can increase your cost of living in Rogers, AR, so many residents find a balance by enjoying the city’s culinary offerings alongside home-cooked meals.

  • Eating out at a mid-range restaurant could average $50 for a three-course meal for two, compared to larger cities where this could easily be $70 or more.

Local Grocery Store Prices

Local grocery stores in Rogers feature competitive prices that contribute to an affordable cost of living in Rogers, AR. From local produce to international delicacies, the stores cater to a diverse palette while keeping prices in check, allowing residents to enjoy a variety of food options without undue financial strain.

Health Care

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is an essential consideration when examining the cost of living in Rogers, AR. The city has a variety of healthcare facilities, offering both private and public services. While insurance premiums and healthcare costs can be high, they are reflective of the national trend.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums in Rogers are variable, depending on several factors including age, lifestyle, and the level of coverage desired. These premiums contribute to the monthly expenses of residents and are an important consideration in the overall cost of living.

  • Health insurance premiums for an average plan in Rogers might be around $400 per month, while national figures could push towards $500.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Even with insurance, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses can be a concern. In Rogers, these costs are present, but with a range of healthcare options available, residents can find services that fit their budgets.

  • Average out-of-pocket healthcare costs could be notably lower in Rogers, possibly by as much as 20% compared to the national average.

Salary and Employment

Salary Trends in Rogers

Salary trends in Rogers, AR, generally align with the cost of living. The area is home to numerous multinational corporations and small businesses, offering a range of employment opportunities. Wages are competitive, helping residents manage their living expenses effectively.

Employment Opportunities

The employment market in Rogers is robust, with opportunities in industries such as retail, healthcare, and logistics. This diversity allows for various career paths and contributes to the city’s stable economy.

Comparison to National Salaries

When considering the cost of living in Arkansas compared to the national average, it’s important to look at salary comparisons. In Rogers, salaries can be slightly lower than the national average for some professions, but the lower cost of living can balance the difference, making it an attractive place to work and live.


In conclusion, Rogers, AR, offers a living experience that balances cost with quality. From affordable housing to reasonable day-to-day expenses, the city stands out as an economically viable option for many. Whether you’re a family looking to settle in a friendly community or a professional seeking a city that grows with you, Rogers can provide that middle ground where affordability meets opportunity. 

If you find this blend of urban life and natural beauty calling out to you, remember that the journey to Rogers is made easier with trusted assistance. Should you decide to make this vibrant city your new home, consider reaching out to a reputable moving company in Rogers, AR, ensuring your transition is as smooth and stress-free as the serene Ozark landscape. Welcome to Rogers, where the cost of living allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of what life has to offer.

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