Exclusive: Explosion in Harlem at 116th St & Lexington Ave (audio)

harlem exlposionBy Eartha Watts Hicks

Sad day in Harlem. Gas explosion on 116th Street near Park Avenue, leveling 2 five-story buildings. Many injured. Two female confirmed fatalities so far.

Listen to: Listen to Harlem resident Mariam on HW Podcast Radio Radio give her first hand account of her experience during the explosion.

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578599_10152672826089008_1471694512_nA Harlem resident who lives down the block and was at the bakery near there when it happened. She is fine.

1381696_10152672826014008_995323806_nThe injured are being sent to Harlem Hospital. The incident occurred shortly after 9:30 am today, moments after Con Ed arrived to investigate a natural gas leak. This as per News 4. Firefighters have been there putting out the subsequent fire by over 200 fireman at scene.

1510698_10152672825639008_1682162230_nThere seems to be a cloud of irritating smoke now throughout Harlem..
1901973_10152672825904008_811865511_nOne trauma patient sent to Harlem Hospital. This occurred shortly after 9:30, moments after Con Ed arrived to investigate a natural gas leak.
1957978_10152672825559008_1784911859_nPolice and other emergency responders. Metro North service suspended. There is cloud of irritating smoke now through Harlem. A respiratory vehicle is at the scene.
Building’s 1644 (6 families) and 1646 (9 families) units at 116th Street near Park Avenue.
Editor’s Note: More updates too come as we receive them.
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