Exciting Activities You Should Try When You Go Outdoors For The Weekend

November 8, 2020

Even though living in an era when technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed comes with a plethora of benefits, nothing can replace the gifts we get from nature. Getting out of the crowded city to unplug from work and numerous screens is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. Add just a bit of action and you will get a perfect weekend, the one you will want to repeat again and again.

Are you looking for great options to spend your next weekend? Here is the ultimate list of exciting activities you should try when you go outdoors!


One of the most popular outdoor activities, it’s arguably the best option to spend a terrific weekend with your friends or family. Fresh air, delicious food, great company – camping is a unique combination able to boost your mood, get your heart rate up, and lets you connect with nature. Among the numerous perks of camping is the opportunity to incorporate a plethora of other engaging activities including your hobby. For instance, depending on your preferences and the chosen site, you can fish, swim, climb on the rocks, hike, walk, watch birds, discover wildlife, or simply soak up in the sun if you are somewhere close to the beach.


Despite what you may think, fishing is not only for seasoned anglers who cover miles and miles to reach their coveted spots scattered across the world, from Alaska to Hawaii, and from Australia to Canada. Fishing is a great activity for everybody who enjoys nature and has a certain amount of patience (the more, the better!). Wittiness aside, it is a wondrous way to spend your weekend, relishing the one-of-its-kind atmosphere created by the broad smiles of your loved ones and best friends. In addition to that, you get a solid dose of physical activity, can easily strengthen muscles on your arms, and even burn up to 550 calories an hour. Needless to say, a delicious dinner is another obvious benefit you get from fishing.

Rock Climbing

Even though rock climbing is not something you can do without any preparations and at least a basic set of equipment, this activity is not that complicated and impossible to perform as many people think. First of all, the great bulk of national parks or recreational areas offer a wide range of climbing routes, so both newbies and true professionals can choose the one that suits their skills and experience. All in all, rock climbing is a great physical activity that also helps develop a strong ability to stay concentrated on what you are doing. As for the gear required if you want to get your healthy dose of adrenaline, you will need special shoes, a helmet, a climbing harness, and carabiners.


Golf is a perfect outdoor activity able to turn even the dullest weekend into the most exciting pastime. What is more, being a type of low-impact sport, is suitable for all ages and able to contribute not only to your physical fitness but also to mental health. If you haven’t discovered your inner golfer yet, perhaps it’s time to immerse yourself in the amazing world of this lofty sport. Fresh air, a great company, and constant movement – can you really afford not to try your hand at a famous golf swing?


If you are an adventurous type and love mysteries, caving can easily become your firm favorite. Amazing in many ways, this unrivaled experience of discovery, challenge, and pure beauty will remain with you for your entire life. If you are one of those who are absolutely new to caving, it’s a good idea to take an introductory trip first to learn all the ins and outs of subterranean exploration. 


Hiking is an old good way to add plenty of excitement to the run-of-the-mill, hence do not forget to bring your bike with you, wherever you are plotting to spend your weekend. By the way, it is arguably one of the most affordable and accessible outdoor activities that don’t require expensive equipment and can be enjoyed literally anywhere. 

As you can see, there are plenty of things to try when you go outdoors for the weekend with your family, friends, or alone. Of course, the full list of exciting activities would be far more extensive (and impossible to squeeze in the frame of a single article), but we bet we’ve managed to kindle your imagination and give you a couple of awesome ideas. So, what are your plans for the next weekend?

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