Ever Wanted To Grow Out Your Beard? Here’s How To Do It Right

July 28, 2021

Beards are truly magnificent things, aren’t they? There’s nothing quite like a full beard proudly worn on a man’s face. Though, no matter what your beard coverage may be, they can still look epic, even if a little patchy in areas.

If you’ve never fully grown out your beard before and always wanted to try, you may be anxious about the process or how it may look. Well, there’s only one thing for it and that is to give it a go! If you’re thinking about growing out your beard, read on for some expert tips on how to do it right.

Choose Your Style

The style of beard you grow may be dictated by your beard coverage. Not everyone is blessed with thousands of hairs on their face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow something great. Before you start the growth process, it is important to know what sort of look and style you are going for. This will help you with taming the beard throughout the process and also help you feel confident knowing you’re going in the right direction.

Try a Growth Kit

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If you want to try and boost your beard coverage a little, some tools can help. Within a beard or ​​hair growth kit, you will find all the little things that can help promote beard growth. They do seem to work, too, with millions of men reporting great results from beard growth kits all around the world.

Inside you’ll likely find a beard roller. These microdermal needles attached to a rolling device have been used for decades to help promote blood flow to the skin. It turns out that a side effect of this is that it leads to increased blood flow in hair follicles, and therefore extra hair growth. It can also help existing hairs grow back thicker than ever before. 

Alongside your roller, you’ll find a serum or cream to help promote growth. These serums contain a mixture of natural ingredients that have all been proven to help hair growth. From biotin to ginger, they’ve all been tested by thousands and shown to be effective on beard hairs. You might also find vitamins and mineral supplements with similar make-ups which also help promote the growth of healthy hair. All of these things combined, alongside some nice cleaning and grooming products, will help you grow all the beard hairs you can possibly grow.

Take Your Time

Whether you’re blessed with awesome beard coverage or need a little help from a kit, it’s going to take time to grow a full or great beard. There’s no question that even the man with the bushiest beard on the planet had to wait at least a few months to see the epic beard he has today. You will be no different. Sadly, beard hairs don’t shoot out overnight. Instead, they take months of slow and even growing to start to form the beard you want to see. So, you have no choice but to be patient and take your time. 

Trim Away

Yes, it takes time but yes, you should also trim as you go. No, don’t cut away all the awesome growth you’ve discovered over the past month. Just trim away rogue hairs whilst also keeping the overall shape of the beard you want to grow. Often, certain areas grow far quicker than overs, leading to an uneven-looking beard even at shorter lengths. So, tame those out of control regions and encourage your beard to grow at the same length all over. You may think the trimming is a bad idea, but it can help it grow thicker, stronger, and more evenly.

Nurture Your Beard

Many men seem to forget that a beard needs just as much care as the hairs on their heads. As your beard grows, it’s time to start treating it nicely! That means shampooing and oiling your beard, as well as combing it when it gets long (if you’re going that far). Beards, like head hairs, grow stronger and healthier the more love you give them. So, give it a comb, purchase some beard oil, and wash that hair like you would any other. Your beard will thank you and return the favor by looking awesome all the time.

There you have it, five tips from the experts to help you grow your beard to its maximum potential. The process may take a while and you may want to back out, but stick with it. Before you know it, everyone will be commenting on your awesome facial hair.

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