Europe Travel Guide The Do’s And Don’ts From Ireland To Italy

Traveling to Europe to enjoy a holiday is something that almost everyone would like to do at some point in their life.

But interacting with people who’re from a different culture altogether can be a little intimidating. You may find that something which is considered acceptable in one country is considered not acceptable at all in another. Learning how to behave with locals or becoming familiar with the customs and conventions doesn’t have to be stressful for you.

It can be considered as one of the wonderful aspects of traveling, an experience that can enrich you. Of course, if you plan your vacation with seasoned travel companies like Firebird Tours (don’t hesitate to check it out:, you can rest assured that your experience is in good hands: everything will be handled and you will have someone to ask for a piece of advice. But, if you prefer to plan your vacations yourself, it’s a different story. So what should you keep in mind about European travel?

Below are a few Dos and Don’ts of traveling to Europe:

1. The language of Germany

You should say “Prost!” before you start drinking. The word itself means, “Cheers!”.

While addressing people, you should do so in a formal manner. The formal way of saying “you” in German is “Sie”.

Addressing people with “Sie” is acceptable however if the person you’re speaking with would prefer you address them informally, they’ll tell you so and then you can switch to “du” instead of “Sie”. You can choose to discuss politics or even philosophy. Things you shouldn’t do include being late to show up for meetings. You shouldn’t be drunk in public so try not to get too intoxicated. It is considered cheap to ask for water at restaurants.

2. Customs in Ireland

Ireland is known for its people being friendly. If you notice someone passing by, you should try to say hello and smile. If you stand at a bar or sit there, other people around you might think that you want to start a conversation. You should buy drinks when your turn comes. You might lose friends if you don’t do so. What you shouldn’t do while in Ireland is taking things personally. Irish are known for making fun of people they like. If a local likes you, they’ll start making fun of you. But it’s a friendly gesture, you shouldn’t feel insulted. People use curse words in Ireland often, you shouldn’t feel insulted or offended. It is very common in Ireland to use profanities. You also shouldn’t feel strange when someone touches your arms or hugs you during a conversation. It is considered a norm in Ireland.

3. Dress properly in the fashion capitalItaly

If you want to fit in with the locals in Italy, you should dress well. You should dress conservatively if you’re going to visit a church. You should dress modestly while you’re in Italy in general. Things you shouldn’t do in Italy include hurrying unnecessarily. You’ll find that shops do not open before 10 am. Another thing you shouldn’t do is leave the dinner table while dinner is still happening. It is considered very rude to do so.

4. Food rules in France

While in France, you should make sure that the food or beverage you order is something which you haven’t tried before. While in a restaurant, you should order several dishes. Asking for a bag to take the remaining food home shouldn’t be done. You should not ask for items in the menu to be changed in any way.

5. Don’t stay in one place

Europe is marvelous and offers so many incredible things to see and do, that visiting several countries during one vacation seems like the best course of action. For example, you can start with the Czech Republic and its marvelous castles, then take a Prague to Vienna train to reach wonderful Austria with its unparalleled musical heritage and wonderful architecture. After, Austria you can go to Switzerland or Germany (or both) to enrich your experience even more.

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