Etiquette Quick Tips From Workplace Gear To E-Mail Meet And Greet To Phone Drops

Here are a few Etiquette Quick Tips by Clise Etiquette for you who want to improve your presentation game and take it to the next level.


Does your workplace have a casual Friday dress code? Lucky you. But, if you’re meeting with a client on a Friday dress more formally.

Avoid jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes, or sleeveless shirts without a sweater or dress jacket.


Did your call drop? Wondering if you should dial back or let the other person do so? The rule is whoever called is the person who rings back after a dropped call.


If you’re sending an email to an international client or prospect be more formal. Use the person’s last name and a title (Mr./Ms./Dr.), use a professional tone, include a greeting (Dear, Hello) and a closing (Sincerely, Best regards), and be mindful of time zones when setting up a meeting.

State both your and the other person’s time with the time zone designation.

Example: “8 am PHST, August 20, 5 pm PDT, August 19.”


When sending a client, prospect, or VIP a meeting invitation, title it with your name and, if applicable, your company name, first so that when it shows up in their calendar they see your name.

Also, include the reason for the meeting if it fits and would be helpful.

Example: “Arden Clise, Clise Etiquette & Mary Jones, ABC Company, Etiquette training.”

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