Essential Accessories To Have In A Capsule Wardrobe

September 19, 2023

The best thing you can do for your budget and look is to create a capsule wardrobe with elements that go well together.

It would help if you shopped for pieces that will carry your appearance from season to season without looking outdated, regardless of the latest trends. 

Capsule wardrobes contain a limited number of pieces you can easily pair with each other. You’ll have dresses, tops and bottoms that match well with everything else in your wardrobe so that you always look flawless without breaking the bank. 

Suppose you have this kind of wardrobe; it’s time to look into accessories because they’re an essential part of a well-rounded wardrobe

Why should you invest in accessories?

Accessories have the power to elevate your outfit immediately, so they are valuable additions to any wardrobe. While some have a functional purpose, like sunglasses or scarves, others are solely used to make your outfits stand apart, like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Therefore, your accessories can make your outfits look polished and trendy with minimal effort. For example, if you’re the kind of person who wears tank tops and jeans on a regular basis, you can take your look from day to night by switching the sneakers and baseball cap with a pair of heels and a petite handbag. 

Considering that we’re talking about capsule wardrobes, the list of accessories you must purchase also consists of essentials. However, you’ll have to carefully pick each of them so they can reflect your personality. Adding statement pieces can draw attention to your outfit and make you look chic. 

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Accessories you can wear year-round

As a capsule wardrobe owner, you most likely know that a well-picked piece of jewellery or another kind of accessory will elevate your look instantaneously. Here are our suggestions for pieces you can wear year-round. 

Necklaces – you can wear necklaces year-round. Depending on the kind of top you choose, you can pick a single one or mix multiple to create a sense of layering. We suggest owning 3 to 5 necklaces so that you can change them depending on your outfits. 

Bracelets – bracelets are feminine outfit additions, and you can slide them on your wrists alone or mix them with a watch. It’s recommended to have around three bracelets in different styles to experiment with the outfits. 

Rings – fashion designers often name rings hand candy because they are fun to wear, and you can combine them in countless ways. Pick whatever piece reflects your personal style and infuse your capsule wardrobe with style. 

Earrings – earrings are a must in a capsule wardrobe because they allow you to frame your face and achieve a refined look. However, make sure you carefully choose the material that best fits your skin tone because they sit closely to your face. 

Belts – belts are among the essential accessories everyone should have in a wardrobe because they define your waistline and help you create a flattering silhouette. Three high-quality belts are more than enough (and softball belts are some of our faves). 

Handbags – all capsule wardrobes include bags. Selecting only well-constructed bags with timeless designs is crucial so you can wear them with different outfits. 

Watches – these days, you use your phone to tell the time, so you would think you do not need a watch. However, a stylish watch is a vital addition to a capsule collection because it adds sophistication to your outfits. 

Seasonal accessories

Sunglasses – people always look chic behind their shades, which are practical accessories but also exude style. Decide what kind of frame you prefer; do you want to wear some oversized sunglasses like Anna Wintour or a smaller pair like Kim Kardashian? 

Bags – bags can become a seasonal accessory if you pick a model like the nightmare before Christmas loungefly, which is ideal for the holiday season because it infuses your outfits with personality. A versatile bag will add sophistication to a simple outfit, and you can pair it with a casual or office look. 

Scarves – if you live in an area where the winters are cold, you’ll definitely need a couple of scarves in your wardrobe. They are functional and stylish elements that can be worn in countless ways. If you wear it around the neck, it will drape over your shoulders beautifully; however, if you cinch it around the waist, it’ll look like a belt. 

Hats – not everyone loves hats, but they’re great additions to capsule wardrobes because they protect you from weather elements and elevate your outfits. Suppose you’re willing to give them a try, purchase a beanie hat for the cold weather, a beret for when you’re heading out in style, and a hat for when you want to draw attention. 

Gloves – gloves are also essential to protect your hands if you live in a colder area. You should have at least two fairs, one made of leather and one of cashmere, so you can match them with whatever outfit you wear. Leather gloves look sleek, and you can pair them with more elegant outfits, while cashmere gloves are more comfortable and work great with chunky sweaters and cosy outfits. 

Tips to get the right accessories

It’s paramount that your capsule collection serves your needs and lifestyle. When picking accessories, you need to choose the ones that feel authentic to you. 

Review your current accessories

Before going on a shopping spree and purchasing new accessories, audit what you already own and sort through them. You’ll see that you can keep most of them and save a lot of cash. 

Group the accessories

To make the process easier, create a list of groups of accessories you need to browse the products you find in stores easily. It’s advisable to sort the accessories into everyday and occasional wear items. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need a ton of accessories to compliment your capsule wardrobe; you only need a couple of interesting elements that work with any item. There is no right or wrong amount of accessories you can own with a capsule collection; it’s about finding the ideal amount for you.

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