Easy Tips To Master The Art Of Essay Writing

May 11, 2020

By Bretton Love

Whether you’re writing an essay for school? To argue a point, or advocate the opinion, the steps to follow are the same. You will need a topic or question, knowledge of the subject, research, and a pen and paper (or a laptop). Needless to say, not all students possess the set of skills and knowledge required to produce a strong and impressive essay. That’s where reliable online essay writing services like PapersOwl come in and offer you the chance to buy cheap essays masterfully written by top writing experts. Lots of students take advantage of professional custom writing services in order to get their homework completed. You can also do the same or adopt some easy writing strategies to start creating more effective essays.

Step 1

Choose a topic of interest. If you don’t have a choice in the matter, make sure to get a good grasp of the topic or question you’ve been assigned. Still, if you are presented with several essays prompts to choose from, decide in favor of the one you feel more passionate about. Don’t spend much time deciding on the prompt not to lose precious time.

It’s a good idea to read and re-read the assigned prompt several times to take in everything you’re asked to cover in your essay. You may want to underline or circle the keywords in the prompts to facilitate your understanding of the question at hand. Should you experience any difficulty understanding a prompt or have some questions, ask your instructor for additional clarifications.

Step 2

Research information relevant to your topic and take detailed notes. For an essay test, take a minute before you begin and brainstorm on your subject. Though you may feel pressed for time, you want to spend some time sifting through ideas and jot down the most appropriate ones not to lose track of them. Furthermore, when doing research, rely on authoritative sources like books and scholarly journals, as opposed to blogs and wikis.

Step 3

Start where you want the reader of your essay to end up. Make this your thesis sentence – the idea you want your reader to walk away with. Remember that once you establish a thesis statement, you will need to keep it in mind throughout the entire writing process and resist the temptation to go off-topic. To craft a truly effective thesis you need to mention the main topic of your paper, take a position and state your argument, and briefly summarize the evidence you’ll rely on to support your point of view.

Step 4

Now that you’ve come up with a thesis and a couple of details supporting your argument, it’s high time you put together an outline for your paper. Your outline will go a long way towards refining your argument and coming up with more evidence wherewith you can support the thesis. Should you feel that the research you’ve done in Step 2 doesn’t suffice, make sure to do additional research on the topic.

Step 5

Introduce your topic and state the final version of your thesis. Then craft a paragraph for each of your arguments in favor of that thesis. Write each paragraph in a sensible and coherent manner.

You probably have been told many times that each of your paragraphs should contain a point, an example, and usually the explanation. Still, the essay writing process may get stressful and you may forget about the essential constituents of a strong paragraph. So, take care to make your paragraphs logical and coherent and let them flow organically from one into the next.

Step 6

Summarize your arguments in a concluding paragraph without being redundant and overly repetitive. Then, on the final page, list your research sources in the bibliography section.

Step 7

It’s a good idea to step away from the final draft of your essay for a day and come back with fresh eyes. Make any edits and necessary revisions to strengthen your paper.

Step 8

Don’t worry if your essay didn’t come out as well as you had hoped. The more you work at it, the easier it will be, and the better your writing will get. Maintain a positive mindset and keep on trying. Over time you’ll manage to improve your writing skills and start earning the desired grades for your college essays.

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