East Harlem Speaker Melissa Mark- Viverito Speaks On Immigration


A statement on Immigration by East Harlem Speaker Melissa Mark- Viverito:

“The Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act is a misguided and dangerous bill that – far from improving our workforce and economy – will only contribute to its downfall. Under the proposed legislation, arbitrary caps on refugee admission means that tens of thousands of people could be turned away from the United States, while the number of green cards issued could be slashed by nearly half a million. These are real lives being placed in jeopardy as the “Party of Family Values” disavows those who do not look like theirs, and turns our nation of opportunity into one of racist exclusion, predicated on nationalistic standards like prioritizing English-speaking applicants. Under the threat of a proposal that would only make an already complex and broken immigration system even worse, I urge all Americans to join in a sentiment we find ourselves repeating often in New York City – that immigrants are welcome here.”

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