East Harlem Family Discovers Bullet Holes In Daughter’s Bedroom

ABC news reports that in an Eyewitness News exclusive, an alarming and dangerous discovery at a NYCHA apartment complex in Harlem as a family discovered bullet holes in their young daughter’s bedroom.

“I was cleaning my daughter’s windows and I realized it looked like gunshots in there,” said father Felix Bermudez.

He now fears for his daughter’s life after discovering two holes in both her bedroom windows.

“Like somebody shoot the window, like a bullet came through,” Felix said. “I wasn’t sure what it was.”

12-year-old Amina, an honors student in the 7th grade, was studying on her bed when her mother heard what she thought was hail.

“I was there helping her and then we heard like tapping on the window, like ice hitting the window,” said mother Bibi Bermudez.

“A little bit scared and I felt upset because people shouldn’t be doing that out here,” Amina said.

Amina had just put the finishing touches on her bedroom after not being able to use it for a decade. The family says NYCHA neglected leaks and mildew for years, but finally fixed the issues last week and now this.

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