Dog Owner Advice: How To Protect Your Home From Scratches

August 2, 2021

As a pet parent, there are things that you need to be mindful of in your home. As much as you love your pet, they can be a bit tedious when they destroy your home. And when you have dogs, you can expect that to happen when you don’t take some steps.

Dogs are usually full of energy, and that energy can be used to scratch your home when you don’t put it to great use. You can, however, protect your home from scratch when you use some tips that you will find here.

These are some of the advice you can implement when you don’t want your house to be full of scratches.

Daily Exercise

You want to utilize that energy that the dog has and put it to better use. It would help if you gave the dog daily exercise so that they can burn off that energy. For example, you can go for a walk in the morning and the evening. 

If you can find a place where the dog can run around, the better they’ll be off. They need to burn off that energy every day, and when they run around, they can easily do it. When your pet is bored and anxious, they are likely to scratch and chew things around. 

Give the dog regular playing time, and they will not take out their nerves on your floor and other areas of your house. 

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Limit the Roaming Space

You need to limit the roaming space when you have a dog, limiting them from destroying things around. This can be done by proper training or only having them inside the house when you’re around.

When they have a specific area to keep to, they will not destroy vast areas of the house. The dog can be limited by crate training, which can be efficient when you aren’t in the place. The dog won’t move around and scratch surfaces all around your house. 

They may, of course, still scratch the crate area, but they won’t move around. That movement is what you want to limit to keep your house safe. 

Tear Resistant Bed

While you train your dog, they need to have a bed where they will stick to. And when you haven’t taken them for a walk, they’ll be nervous. You need to know that finding a well-made tear resistant bed is essential at this stage. This will protect your floor from the scratches that the dog will make. 

You can expect the dog to scratch around, and when they do, especially around where they have been trained to sit, it won’t get to your floor. You can also look for tear-resistant rags where there’s much traffic. 

You’ll need to study your dog first, see where it likes to go, and place the rugs there. It will help protect the floors there. The dog will also want to play with the carpet there and keep it off other house areas. 

Keep the Nails Trimmed

To keep the dogs from scratching and destroying parts of your house, you also need to trim the nails. This is also good for the dog when you cut its nails. And you need to be watchful and embellish the nails when you hear them clicking on your floor. 

To prevent the damage caused by scratching, you need to trim those nails on your dogs. They won’t have anything to mark your house with when they don’t have claws. 

Chose Hard Floor

If you plan to have pets, dogs specifically, you need to choose a hard floor for your house. Some of the harder wood species are more likely to be resistant to pet damage than most types of floors. When building or designing your home, you need to have hard floors. 

When you have big dogs, they will likely damage the soft wooden floors while running through the house. Some of the options you can utilize when designing your floor for pets are luxury vinyl planks or luxury vinyl tiles. These are both hard options that pets won’t quickly destroy while moving around. 

Train the Dog

You also need to train the dog if you are ever going to stop them from destroying your house. You need only to train the dog basic commands to get them to behave. You can also consult a pet trainer if you can’t do it on your own.

You can take several steps to ensure that your dog doesn’t scratch and spoil parts of your home. These are some of the few steps you can easily take to ensure that you keep your house safe and off dog scratches. 

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