Dive Into Hot Harlem Summer With Lock & Co Hatters

Every Lock & Co. Panama hat is unique and hand-woven in Ecuador by craftsmen and craftswomen, using skills passed down for generations.

The weavers of the finest toquilla-palm fibers work at night and in the earliest hours of the morning when the temperature is cooler and the humidity at its highest, starting at the apex of the crown.

The finished plaited, smooth, and supple material has the softness of silk, and the hats will be graded on the colour consistency, thickness, and the number of weaves per square inch. Our highest-grade Panama hats can take up to nine months to create.

Elegant boost to any summer outfit

Lock & Co. Panamas are blocked by hand, using traditional methods, then trimmed with fine grosgrain ribbon, and finished with a beautifully soft leather sweatband. For longevity and shape-retention, we add silicon inside the pinch. Lock & Co. Panamas are available in many styles, for men and women, and they are selected so carefully to ensure that they are the best in the world.

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Photo credit: 1) Beausoleil. 2) Wide brim Panama. 3-4) Luxor Panama hat.

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