Discover That Harlem To Hawaii Vibe At Kohanaiki, A Fabulous 450 Acre Oceanfront Playground

There are clubs, and there is Kohanaiki—a private 450-acre oceanfront playground that welcomes a new generation of Kona-lovers.

Five minutes south of the Kona International Airport, and uniquely positioned to offer a sense of escape, Kohanaiki embraces island life in ways both new and familiar.

… surrounded by history, culture, and adventure.

Whether at the 67,000-square-foot Clubhouse, on the Rees Jones-designed golf course, aboard the 39-foot Kai Kea, or in the cabanas opening out to views of ancient lava flows and anchialine ponds, you’re surrounded by history, culture, and adventure.

Their Heritage

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Kohanaiki’s history lives on through the thoughtful preservation and restoration of its archaeological and cultural sites.

Named for a traditional land division – an ahupua`a – that sweeps from the ocean up the slopes of Hualālai, Kohanaiki once sustained a thriving population that harvested fish from the sea and cultivated crops on the uplands.

Kohanaiki is located at the foot of the lava flows from Hualālai that covered the area.

Valued by early families as well as Hawaiian ali`i (royalty) as a bountiful, peaceful gathering place, today’s Kohanaiki is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the land and its cultural treasures for the generations to come.

Refreshingly private yet remarkably social, Kohanaiki is a new living experience unlike anywhere else in the islands.

Kohanaiki, 73-2055 Ala Kohanaiki, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, 808.329.5599,

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