Delta 8 THC Reviews: Top 5 Brands Of 2021

June 12, 2021

Delta-8 THC, also known as D-8, is a cannabinoid that differs from D-9 in two main areas – it’s perfectly legal and has a much weaker psychoactive effect.

It provides calmness and relaxation without side effects associated with D-9 THC, such as dizziness and fogginess.

If you’re looking for the perfect legal cannabinoid that will get you high but without the usual D-9-related side effects, D-8 is the solution for all your needs. Below, you’ll find reviews of the top five D-8 brands of 2021 that will give you a better idea of what D-8 is and where to purchase the highest quality products.

Top 5 Delta-8 THC Brands of 2021

1.     8Delta8 has been a dominant force on the D-8 market for quite some time, offering a wide range of D-8 products that have earned the company quite a reputation. The company’s biggest strength is D-8 gummies.

There’s a particular interest in gummies as users have found out that they provide the perfect balance between effectiveness, quality, and flavor.

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Brand’s Image

The 8Delta8 D-8 products are packaged according to the highest industry standards and with user safety in mind. The products come in sturdy packaging with all the essential information printed neatly on the label.

If you go to their website, you can see how they make their products, what ingredients they use, how pure their organic hemp is, etc. On top of that, their customer service is incredibly forthcoming, contributing to a high level of trustworthiness.

Manufacturing Methods

8Delta8’s D-8 products aren’t enhanced with additional active ingredients. The company employs modern manufacturing methods that allow them to produce a well-balanced formula for their D-8 products.

More importantly, they use clean and pure ingredients free of flavoring agents, additives, and chemical fillers. In other words, their products are safe for daily consumption. 8Delta8 also offers a wide range of different flavor profiles.


8Delta8 performs thorough third-party lab testing. Each batch of the brand’s D-8 extract goes to registered lab facilities that carefully examine and analyze the product to ensure it has the proper overall quality, chemical structure, and purity. All consumers can access lab-testing reports on demand.

User Convenience

8Delta8 is a top Delta-8 brand offering full transparency by providing all the information consumers need to know about their products. From lab-testing results and lists of ingredients to manufacturing methods, customers can easily learn about the brand and the product. In case they need more information or assistance, 8Delta8 provides exceptional customer service and several contact channels.

Final Thoughts

8Delta8 D-8 THC products are among the best products on the D-8 market, offering a premium quality D-8 extract, a wide selection of products, clean ingredients, transparent policies, and fantastic flavor. If you need D-8, this brand delivers big time.

2.     Plain Jane

If you’re interested in lots of different strains and premium flowers, all at affordable prices, Plain Jane is the right brand for you. The biggest strength of this brand is that they make high-quality D-8 products more affordable than ever. If you’re completely new to D-8, Plain Jain also provides all the information you need to learn about Delta-8 THC.

Their unique indoor growing method allows the brand to produce a perfectly balanced and controlled hemp-growing environment that helps preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes.

The brand then infuses the hemp flower with D-8 THC made using a combination of pressure and heat. Plain Jane ranks high on our list because the brand doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, solvents, additives, or pollutants in the manufacturing process.

Brand’s Image

According to customers, Plain Jane gets only trust and love from cannabis users. Aside from quality products, affordable prices, and safe manufacturing methods, the brand also offers various D-8 products, including CBG and CBD strains. The brand’s biggest strengths are flowers and pre-rolls.

The company has an impeccable reputation for offering artisan products of the highest quality. From exceptional packaging and transparent policies to affordable products, Plain Jane is one of the leading brands in the Delta-8 market.

Manufacturing Methods

As mentioned earlier, Plain Jane invests quite a lot of effort, resources, and time in the safe growth of hemp plants, ensuring the plants come out green and luscious, with natural flavor and a rich terpene profile.

All products come in top-quality packaging with transparent labels containing clean lists of ingredients. The brand uses only the best distillate and industrial hemp to get the most flavorful, cleanest D-8 flowers your money can buy.

All products are tested and packaged according to industry standards to ensure user safety and premium quality. That’s why the brand’s D-8 products are full of flavor and cannabinoids.


What makes the brand truly stand out is its transparency about its D-8 products. Users can find the list of cannabinoids in all the D-8 products on the website.

The lists show the terpene profile and cannabinoid content that further explains the breakdown of the flower, including D-9, D-8, THCA, CBD, and CBDA content. Plain Jane even goes one step further and offers a download option for the Certificate of Analysis by third-party labs.

User Convenience

You can find all the information about the D-8 products on the brand’s website. There’s also a FAQ page and excellent customer service ready to assist whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

Plain Jane offers a wide range of premium D-8 products for everyone’s pocket. Aside from premium quality, this is a trustworthy brand that provides a thorough education on the effects and potential benefits of D-8, its legality, extraction methods, and more. If you’re looking for the best D-8 products in the market, you won’t go wrong with Plain Jane.

3.     Industry Hemp Farms

Industry Hemp Farms is fully dedicated to providing customers with exciting and unique ways to experience D-8. The brand is well-known among cannabis and marijuana users for its extremely versatile range of D-8 products and CBD extracts.

The company uses only state-of-the-art methods to develop its distillates. Aside from D-8, the brand is also known for top-quality CBD distillate, a pure form of CBD or cannabidiol.

Brand’s Image

Each product is designed with user safety and convenience in mind, and the brand pays special attention to the list of ingredients. You can get comprehensive and accurate information about each product, what’s inside the package, and more on the website. The brand is fully transparent about the products on offer, how the D-8 was extracted, the methods of manufacturing, etc.

Manufacturing Methods

The company gets organic hemp from Colorado farms and uses in-house growing and hand-trimming methods to ensure high-quality D-8 products. Each D-8 product is pure and clean and comes in an airtight container that prevents oxidation from compromising the products’ quality. The products contain no additional active ingredients, solvents, or additives.


Industry Hemp Farms regularly test their D-8 products by sending out batches of hemp extract to third-party labs for thorough analysis. That’s why users can count on top-quality D-8 products. Testing results are all transparent and shared with users who want to learn more.

User Convenience

Industry Hemp Farms provide all useful information regarding their products, shipping, and return policies and extraction methods on the website. You can find many useful facts about D-8, its legality, dosage, how it compares to CBD, and more.

Final Thoughts

If having access to various D-8 products sounds like a good deal, Industry Hemp Farms won’t disappoint. Aside from being one of the most trusted brands in the CBD industry, it delivers one of the widest varieties of D-8 and CBD distillates.

4.     Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a well-known force in the world of D-8 THC. What separates this brand from the rest is its incredible level of customer-centricity that extends to free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a wide range of premium quality products.

Whether you like pre-rolls, oils, vapes, or gummies, Diamond CBD delivers. The brand’s mission is to provide consumers with affordable, premium quality D-8 THC products in their purest form.

Brand’s Image

Even though Diamond CBD has ventured into D-8 products just recently, the brand has already gained quite a reputation. Their D-8 vape cartridges are very high in demand at the moment, and the company offers quite a range of other D-8 products, such as lollipops, gummies, oils, and vaping pens.

The brand is known for using effective and sophisticated extraction methods to get D-8 from locally sourced hemp. Diamond CBD is dedicated to using only sustainable extraction and production methods for manufacturing hemp-based products.

Diamond CBD excels at letting consumers know everything before they decide to use their D-8 products. More importantly, the company hires several doctors and professional scientists to help them with creating the ultimate D-8 products.

Manufacturing Method

Diamond CBD takes pride in offering an array of D-8 products with a wide cannabinoid profile. This is how the brand creates many top-quality D-8 products.

The brand has total control over every step of its manufacturing process – from growing and cultivating hemp to the extraction and production of D-8. The brand uses premium quality ingredients without any additives, chemicals, or pollutants.


Since Diamond CBD has quite a following on the web, many users say that the brand is fully transparent and forthcoming. All packages include labels with clear lists of ingredients and lab-testing results.

They even have their lab for product testing. If you’re interested in their lab results and all the information regarding hemp extracts, cannabinoids, THC, as well as exchanges, refunds, returns, and shipping, you can find all of it on their website.

User Convenience

Diamond CBD offers amazing deals, discounts, and attractive coupons, as well as reward points on each subscription and purchase option. Their website also offers additional information and communication channels in case you need customer service and assistance.

Final Thoughts

Diamond CBD is a well-known and trustworthy D-8 THC brand that offers excellent customer service, a great variety of products, high purity, and an array of great deals. If top deals and discounts are your things, Diamond CBD should be your number one D-8 option.

5.  3Chi

Considered one of the first D-8 brands online, 3Chi is a trusted D-8 brand with over a decade of experience. Their hemp formulas are carefully designed to come up with unique products. The company was the first to develop a dominant D-8 strain and get it legalized in 2019.

From that moment on, 3Chi has been fully dedicated to effectively and continually improving its products. The brand’s D-8 products are commonly used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. It currently offers edibles, tinctures, vapes, concentrates, and oils.

Brand’s Image

3Chi first established itself as the top D-8 and CBD brand on the market by launching flavorful D-8 cookies and gummies with minimum side effects. The brand provides exceptional products for every budget.

Each product comes in a unique package with a transparent label containing a full list of ingredients and additional information. 3Chi also pays special attention to the legality of their D-8 products. Although they’ll get you high, all their products contain 0.3% THC or less.

You can find all the information you need regarding methods of extraction, cultivation, side effects, potential benefits, and more in their blog.

Manufacturing Method

3Chi get their products from organically-grown hemp. The brand mostly focuses on using cannabinoids to create the best products in the industry. They also invest in product education and research to create a perfect D-8 product for every consumer profile. 3Chi doesn’t use any additives, chemicals, or other solvents that could compromise the quality of its products.


3Chi tests all products in labs for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and more. You can find their test results on the website, as well as all additional information regarding various THC derivatives, concentrates, and available strains.

User Convenience

With amazing customer service, affordability, product range, shipping, and refunding policies, 3Chi is a perfect brand for anyone who needs high-quality D-8.

Final Thoughts

3Chi is a well-established D-8 brand, fully dedicated to bringing the highest quality D-8 to its users. It has a huge following of loyal users that helped them become one of the best brands on the market.


If you’ve been looking for a way into the growing D-8 market, these top five D-8 brands in 2021 should be at the top of your list. Each brand has some truly unique products, so there’s plenty of different options on offer. Choose your brand and product wisely and enjoy.

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