“Deerfoot” Baseball Athletic Club Team Harlem NY 1890-1900

deer-baseball-atheltic-club-harlem-ny1It’s a photograph of the Deerfoot Baseball Athletic Club team in Harlem around 1890-1900. We think the gentlemen in suites are the coach in the center and maybe the manager to the far left of the frame.

We do not have much information on the Deerfoot Baseball Athletic Club team from Harlem, other than the photo above, but we did find this article on the This Aint The Summer Of Love blog that reported:

Footracing is an ancient sport, but in the 1830’s, it became a mania along America’s eastern seaboard. One of the greatest of the runners was a half-Scot, half-Seneca who called himself Deerfoot throughout New York City…

(and) Louis (or Lewis) Bennett … won the first great cash race in Manhattan. …

With the popularity of Deerfoot, we’re almost certain people in Harlem knew of “One of the greatest of the runners…” . We can only imagine that the guys in the photo used the Deerfoot name as a badge of honor and an homage to their Harlem swag.

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