Cyril Walter Horsham: A Trinidadian American Dream

June 3, 2012

46318_151392498221325_8311268_aCyril Walter Horsham is an author has lived in America for the past 32 years; he came to America from Trinidad and he, like most people who come to America had his own expectations of what America was all about. He realized very early that the reality of life in America was not what he had envisioned and did what was necessary to survive and made the needed changes to live and pursue the American Dream. His timely novels are about the path which he has traveled in the pursuit of some degree of success on American shores!

Harlem World Magazine: Who is Cyril Walter Horsham?

Cyril Walter Horsham: is the name I was given at Birth; I also use the name CW Horsham and I write under the name of Joe Six-pack! I use the name Six-pack because it refers to the ordinary man in the street and since I not a celebrity I am comfortable being the regular Joe with particular views!

HW: Who or what has inspired you to write?

CWH: I started to write after I had reached what I considered as a Dead End where my quest for employment had reached in the Job Market; having reached the qualifications of being A Microsoft Certified System Engineer in the Computer Field and not being able to secure a job; I started writing to purge my mind of the thoughts of the thoughts of my experiences in the Job Market!

HW: Where do you do most of your writing?

CWH: I never need any particular environment to write; whenever thoughts come to my mind writing is the avenue I use to clear my mind. I live in Brooklyn and I am always in tune with the life of this city. Whenever I have to write or edit my work I just do it and whatever happens outside is of no consequence and does not affect what I do!

HW: I understand you were in the army, where? And did that influence your writing?

CWH: I joined the Army in Trinidad around the age of 19 years; it’s the first real job I had and it influenced my philosophy of life. In the Army I had to develop what I would refer to as a mode of survival and it has stayed with me always! I also did 3years service in the American Army and served in Fort Hood and Bamberg Germany. The army has influenced my way of life and has everything to do with my every day thought and behavior and action; I left the army but the army did not leave me!

HW: What is the Silicon Valley, Joe Six-Pack Quest for the American Dream book about?

CWH: “Silicon Valley “Joe six-Pack Quest for the American Dream “is a memoir of my life and experiences in America. I have been here for 32 years and this book deals with my overall experiences in America and the adjustments I made to cope with what I was experiencing at different points in my life and overall American Journey of survival!

HW: What is The Man in the Mirror (Joe Six-Pack Speaks about the American Culture of Acquisition) book about?

CWH: “ The Man in the Mirror “ Joe Six-pack Conversations About the American Culture of Acquisition “ deals with what I regard as the Culture of America; coming from Trinidad I realized that the behavioral practices of Americans was somewhat different from what I was accustomed to in Trinidad! After observing it for some time I regarded it as a Culture of Acquisition and I wrote about how and why I defined it as such and how I thought it affected the general population of America.

HW: Does your book discuss immigration?

CWH: “The Burning House” Joe six-Pack speaks of Integration “deals with my conception of how America dealt with the pursuit of Integration and the effects of integration before and after it came into effect in America. I tried to show the gains of Integration versus the losses from Segregation and the comparison between the two systems!

HW: Do you have plans on writing another book soon?

CWH: Where writing again is concerned I believe I would write 1 or 2 more books at some point in time…I have to first of all clear my mind up by getting rid of most of the things I deal with in the line of already written books; then I would be free to write once more!

HW: Thank you.

CWH: Thank you.

Here are links to his books:

The Man In The Mirror: Joe Six-pack Conversations About the American Culture of Acquisition

Silicon Valley: Joe Six-pack Conversations About the American Culture of Acquisition

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