Crushing Demands On Libraries From Harlem To Hollis


When you give to The New York Public Library before July 10, an anonymous donor will match every dollar, up to $160,000. Make your gift today.

You already know that libraries are nowhere close to becoming obsolete — despite the fear-mongering you might see in some news outlets.In fact, more people visit New York City’s libraries than all of the City’s local sports teams and City-owned museums, performing arts centers, botanical gardens, zoos and historical sites combined.


Recently, the City has stepped up with an increased budget for libraries — and while that’s great news, government funding will still only cover a portion of Library expenses. We rely heavily on the support of individual donors like you. Please help to make sure we can still provide the books and services our community depends on.

We count ourselves lucky that we have you.

Please help us continue to provide free books and services to millions of New Yorkers this summer. Make a gift by July 10 and your gift will double in impact.


Editor’s note: I’m in a library as I write this post. I was in a library when I came with the idea for Harlem World Magazine and our print magazine is the cousin of the printed book. Supporting your local library is an investment in yourself, your kids, your family and small businesses who do research to become better on your block like Harlem World Magazine.

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"The Clark Legacy Drs. Kenneth and Mamie Clark and their work," this post is made in partnership with Harlem Cultural Archives, get more at Harlem History.

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