Council Member Rodriguez Statement On Newly Appointed TLC Commissioner Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk

Statement from uptowns Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez:

I welcome the appointment of Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk as Chair and Commissioner of the TLC. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Heredia has demonstrated high competence and qualification in her ability to perform her duty as TLC Commissioner to the highest standards. During her hearing, Ms. Heredia showed her willingness to be a transparent and open-minded Commissioner, ready to hit the ground running on first day. In my role at City Council, I have worked closely with prior TLC Commissioners finding solutions to many issues impacting all sectors in the Taxi industry and I am excited to begin working alongside Ms. Heredia.

The recommendations put forward by the Taxi Medallion Task Force will require a lot of work and collaboration between the City and TLC. Our Yellow Taxi industry has gone through incredible financial hardship and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to rescue this sector. As such, we must also keep in mind that the Livery and Corporate Black Car industries have been facing many financial hardships. Hundreds of drivers and dozens of Livery bases have closed across the City, especially in the outer-boroughs.

I look forward to working with the newly elected and first Dominican-American TLC Commissioner Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk. Together, I hope to tackle the issues impacting the Livery and Corporate Black Car industries, as well as ensuring that we create the Livery and Corporate Black Car Task Force. I sincerely thank her parents, with whom I share the immigrant experience. Let’s continue to celebrate immigrants and the contributions they make to this City and our country.

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