Contemporary and Modern Tribal Art At Sotheby’s And Merton Simpson Gallery In NYC


By Tod Roulette

Visit Sothebys to appreciate top quality tribal art. Not only seeing these works up close is an incredibly tutorial but overhearing and speaking with staff and visitors like yourself is invaluable.It’s free to attend both the auction and the preview. And you can see the several other floors of Contemporary and Modern work among others that you’ve read about or have always wanted to ‘kick the tires’ on and evaluate for yourself. Have a little lunch in the cafe and buy a book or catalogue on your way out.

If you are not able to get to the preview or auction at Sothebys to appreciate the lots being offered you can always visit the Merton D. Simpson Gallery. The late Mr. Simpson was the premier African American dealer in African art. Here his gallery will be featuring works from one of the collectors featured in the May 16th, Allan Stone.

The 1st Tribal Art Week Exhibition presented by ArtCrawl Harlem starts this Saturday, and includes a special tour of the national landmark Will Marion Cook House on historic Strivers Row (221 West 138th Street), with an exhibit that will include works from the Frank Wayde Hall estate collection. Kudos to Jackie Orange of ArtCrawl for making this an important Harlem link between downtown experts, money, galleries and auction houses to the real lives of African Americans and the continuity of African American expression and appreciation in Harlem.

This Harlem art exhibit will include tribal African art, African artifacts and textiles, and African-American art from Mr. Frank Hall’s collection. The exhibit will be open to the general public on May 17 and 18 2014.

Special:advance purchase buy 2 tickets for $5
Same day purchase: $5 per person

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Open House Tours: May 17, 18, & 24 at 11 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM ending at 4 PM each day.
Youth Workshops: May 12th-24th by appointment only. Please contact Tricia Fraser at 914-806-5812 or

Sotheby’s: African, Oceanic & Pre-Columbian Art, 1334 York Ave, New York, NY 10021 and Simpson & Stone Gallery, 38 W. 28th  Street, Floor 5, New York,

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