Comment Likes On YouTube: Why Is It A Great Promotion Tool?

December 21, 2021

Everybody is familiar with YouTube likes and dislikes. But did you ever notice that you can also like someone’s comment under the video? Via comment likes on YouTube people can buy themselves some score for popularity, so this is a superb tool for promotion. However, it is not that simple with comment likes. How to get more of them and use them for growth on this social network will be revealed in this article.

The Main Reason To Pay Attention To YouTube Comment Likes

Not all people are ready to write in comments their point of view, but if they meet someone else’s opinion that is similar, they will hit the like button. Or dislike, for that matter. For bloggers, the value of comments that are marked with a big number of likes is that these reveal what people think of the content. If a positive comment gains many thumbs-up, it is a sign for you that lots of users agree with that statement. And vice versa, if you see that people like critical comments actively – it is time for you to think your content and strategy over. Hence, comment likes are a great analytical tool that assists in collecting feedback about your content. It would be stupid to ignore it at any stage of your career, though. Even experienced YouTubers make mistakes because it is impossible to know everything about such a dynamic thing like social media are.

And What About Promotion?

Well, as we know now, comment likes serve well for analytics. But they can be a nice addition to your promotion strategy too. The reason is simple – comments that get many likes are usually displayed in the highest position, thus they are visible for many more people, who wouldn’t want to scroll all the comment sections down. The obvious conclusion for fresh of the oven bloggers – you need to comment on other users’ videos to get more likes and expose your channel to a lot of people. Bigger visibility – more subscribers to gain.

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Speaking of the comment section under your videos –  likes matter here too because this is a sort of activity that happens on your account. So, for youtube algorithms, this activity is counted in your engagement level and allows you to climb higher in the ratings. Again, more exposure. And you can know for sure what people think of you.

And now, understanding the importance of comment likes as a promotion tool, let’s get straight to business: how to achieve the desired result of many likes on your comments?

Join Top Conversations

People are able to like not only original comments but replies as well. To drive some attention to your channel, you can join the ongoing talk and see how it goes from there. The key is – do not to promote your channel baldly. Try to impress people with your personality, humor, serious statement, or something valuable. Try to give users a clue about your content indirectly, teasing them lightly and encouraging them to visit your page. Behave naturally, so other people feel the need to know more about you.

Of course, you are not limited to your industry. A positive idea is to participate in communication under viral videos or news, that concern you personally.

Pro tip: if you want to include a direct call to action, put it in a certain context, so it doesn’t look like a bald promo campaign – people usually don’t like that. Try to enter the conversations where your industry topics would fit naturally, so you can mention your channel without looking needy.

Monitor Other Bloggers

To find where the fattest turkey is served, you have to look through the channels of your fellow bloggers constantly. First of all, it is always good to check out what the competitors are up to, and secondly, you can see the genuine reaction of the audience in their comments. And likes to these comments will help you to define which points of view are the most popular. For you, the profit lies in the possibility to collect priceless experiences without having to make mistakes, especially at the beginning of your YouTuber career. This is a huge time-saver, as today you have to react to any changes and update your channel quickly.

Encourage Active Commenting Under Your Videos

To provoke a lively discussion, use such techniques:

  • Ask a question related to the topic of the video
  • Request viewers’ feedback on your video
  • Add CTAs to your speech in the film

These are basic methods to push users towards communication in the comment section. But to make its life span longer, and get more likes and engagement, you should steer all the conversations yourself. Reply to comments, driving the topic right where you need it.

But remember, if you want to gain more likes to your comments on YouTube, be polite and tolerant. Any criticism or argument has to be regardless of personalities involved and concern only the subject of discussion directly.

For the atmosphere in your community to remain positive, control the communication that happens there. Support what you fancy with a thumbs-up, and operatively react to bullying, harassment, and trolling that might happen as you gain popularity.

Pro tip: learning to distinguish objective criticism from trolling sometimes can be hard. But this is a skill totally worth achieving because it will help you to save time for much more pleasant and useful things instead of tiring arguments that have no point and value.

Be Active, Yet Cautious

To win the attention of the audience on YouTube, you need to be literally everywhere, checking the top influencers of your niche, following the latest trends, watching the news, and communicating with your subscribers. People like active bloggers, however, there is a risk to seem obtrusive. Hence, mind the balance, squeezing yourself only where you feel that your opinion will be relevant and appreciated.

Also, you can gather more likes for your comments by exposing your personality, but you should be careful with that either because one of the ground internet rules is: the internet forgets nothing.

So be attentive to where and how you speak of things. As you are preparing your profile for active promotion, checking your comment history is a great idea.


It is difficult to completely define the true value of YouTube comment likes. But this is an important element in the rating system of YouTube, and a precious analytical instrument for bloggers. This metric indicates what users approve of, and this information is extremely useful, so you can adjust your strategy for a better profit.

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