Up Close with CC Minton Interview: Team USA Supports RunJumpThrow

February 12, 2015

By CC Minton

USA Track & Field champion hurdler Kristi Castlin along with world indoor champion jumper, Will Clay and world champion, high jumper, Jesse Williams led the RunJumpThrow Experience during the Millrose Games at the Armory in New York City on February 12, 2015.

Through the use of eight fitness learning stations, running, jumping and throwing skills were introduced to students excited about physical activity.  Participants moved from station to station with upbeat music that kept them excited about staying active throughout the day.  During water break, Kristi and Will shared their athletic experiences and also talked about the importance of physical activity and the ability to reach your dreams.  They reminded students that being and athlete is hard work and fun.  However, being a doctor, lawyer or reaching your own personal goal is important and within reach.

I caught up with Kristi Castlin throughout the day’s activities and found out some interesting things about her earlier days ans an athlete and where she’s headed.

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CC Minton: Why did you decide to get involved with RunJumpThrow?

Kristi Castlin: I think it’s such an awesome idea.  It’s a great event.  It’s kind of the changing of the guard.  We have some new younger athletes and it’s a great way for us to get our names and faces out there and participate from the grassroots level.  Today has been a lot of fun and I’m really excited about being a part of this organization.

CC Minton: So Kristi, tell me more about how you got started as an athlete?

Kristi Castlin – Cheerleading was the first organized sport I participated in.  I was really hard-core into cheerleading.  I was a cheerleader for basketball, football and competition cheerleading.  It helped me control myself and my attitude.  I sometimes had a smart mouth but I made sure not to get into any trouble in school.  If I did, I wouldn’t be able to participate in cheerleading.  So cheerleading changed my life all together.  It catapulted me into a lot of other things.

CC Minton: How did you end up in track and field?

Kristi Castlin: I started out with track and field during physical education (PE) class.  I use to beat all the kids racing during PE.  So a lot of coaches reached out to me but again I was hardcore into cheerleading.  In PE and during Field Day, I would run just to get a blue ribbon.  I just wanted to win.  So that’s how I got started with track.

CC Minton: So tell me about your rankings in the world of track and field?

Kristi Castlin: I’m a US Champion.  I have been ranked Top 10 in the world 3 times.  So ultimately my goal is to be on that Olympic Team.  I worked, and again with my competitive nature …..I never gave up.  I’ve always wanted to be on top.  I’ve always wanted to be a champion and a winner.  So, no one wants to participate in track and field and not make the Olympic team and not win a gold medal.

CC Minton: So you’re an Olympian right?  You’re a part of Team USA?

Kristi Castlin: I’m working hard. I’m a future Olympian.

CC Minton: Ok.  I guess I’m speaking that into existence (laughter)?

Kristi Castlin: Exactly.

CC Minton: In terms of your eating habits, can you tell me how you start your day off?

Kristi Castlin: I start off with breakfast and I eat three meals per day. Some people think that skipping out on meals helps you lose weight but it definitely doesn’t.  I have egg whites and a piece of toast.  I’ll have something to get me going and to get me through my training.  Lunch is usually my biggest meal for the day.  I’ll normally have a salad and chicken or a sandwich or something like that. And for dinner I love lobster tails and lamb chops and very lean healthy things.

CC Minton: So tell me about your self.  Where did you grow up, what are some of your interests and where are you going?

Kristi Castlin: I was born and raised in Atlanta so I really just want to get the city behind me.  They don’ really have a marquis athlete.  I’m into fashion and politics. I just launched my new primary website kristicastlin.com.  I don’t want to be just an ambassador of sport.  I want to be known as a young woman doing positive things in the community.  I’d love to travel all over the world.  I really want young people to look at me and see themselves.  I have lots of things in the works.

CC Minton:  It sounds like you’re well on your way.  You have the Hollywood look?

Kristi Castlin: The sky is the limit with me.  Tyler Perry lives in Atlanta so I’d love to be in a Tyler Perry movie jumping hurdles or something.  I’m look forward to 2016 and being on the Olympic team.

CC Minton: Thank you, Kristi.

Kristi Castlin: Thank you CC.

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