Church Of The Living Hope’s 70th Anniversary Events

Please join us at any of the events we are holding in East Harlem to mark the 70th anniversary of the East Harlem Protestant parish:

Dancing on 96th Street: Learning New Steps in a Divided City
Friday May 18th
5:30 PM Panel Discussion – Click herefor tickets
7:30 PM Plenary Session – Click herefor tickets
St Francis De Sales 135 East 96th Street

Neighborhood Prayer Walk
Starting and ending at the Oases Washington Projects (the raised circular platform at the center of the Projects between 102nd and 99th Street).
Saturday May 19th 
11 AM and 2 PM

East Harlem Live Broadcast 
Saturday May 19th 
4 PM – 5 PM
Church of the Living Hope 161 E 104th Street
Come and be part of the live audience or connect through

Celebration Service and Cookout BBQ
Sunday May 20th 
11:15 AM
Church of the Resurrection 325 E 101st Street

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