Choose The Best Frames For High Prescription Glasses

April 4, 2023

Wearing glasses in your daily life can feel cumbersome.

If you have been wearing glasses since childhood, you get habituated to them. It can be challenging to adjust to the glasses in adulthood.

According to various studies, about four billion people wear glasses worldwide, which is half the earth’s population. Most of them wear glasses to resolve their nearsightedness and farsightedness, while others use sunglasses and blue light glasses to prevent their eyes from harmful rays.

As we grow old, our eyes become weaker; therefore, we are prescribed heavier, thicker lenses. Today, we often see children and young adults wearing thick lens glasses. These types of glasses can make your eyes look distorted. They also do not look visually appealing. Doctors advise us to opt for high-prescription glasses to prevent such situations.

High-prescription glasses have a high-index lens with thinner and lightweight features. They are often prescribed if you have a power of more than five diopters. They are made of plastic to reflect the light more effectively, which is why they are thinner. Choosing the right frame for these glasses is a tricky task , even though there are more and more options people can take from online glasses sellers like Zenni, Warby Parker, EFE, LensCrafters, etc.

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This article will discuss how to choose the best frames for high-prescription glasses.

1.   Go for round frames.

Round and oval frames are the best frames for high-prescription glasses because the width of the lens is smaller. The lens tends to stick out in other frame types and become more noticeable. However, many advanced technologies today have made other frames possible with high-prescription glasses.

2.   Opt for petite frames.

Smaller-sized frames are best suited for high-prescription glasses. The glass becomes less notable in smaller frames. Huge frames are a complete no-no because they make your eyes look distorted and even more prominent.

3.   Choose the right rim.

The high-prescription glasses look the best with a thick rim frame. Rimless and semi-rimless frames are not the best for such glasses because they look unattractive and more noticeable. It is better to use prominent and fuller rims for prescription glasses. The rim is lightweight and does not add much weight to the glass.

4.   Choose plastic over the metal frame.

The metal frames are often thin, and plastic frames can be customized to fuller thickness. A frame with more thickness will help hide the lenses’ thickness. Metal is also heavier, while plastic frames are lightweight and easy to wear. Plastic frames are best suited for high-prescription glasses because they will not let the lens stick out. You can opt for plain frames for daily wear and fancy printed frames for occasional wear.

5.   Understand the PD for your glasses.

PD stands for pupillary distance, defined as the distance between the two pupils. Based on the PD, the placement of lenses is done. The positioning of lenses must be exact to the PD to ensure perfect centration. It can cause headaches, blurred vision, and extreme discomfort if not done correctly.

6.   Thin Glasses for the win.

The thick lenses give glasses a “glass or coke bottle” appearance. In this effect, eyes look significantly enlarged and entirely covered. The effect causes your eyes to look smaller or distorted. You can ignore this phenomenon easily by using thin lenses. Thin high-index lenses improve the entire look of glasses and your face.

7.   Decide budget.

The high-index lenses are often expensive because of the many features they offer. A good pair of glasses is an investment; they will help you maintain your vision for a long time. Check out online and offline stores for the best deals and offers, and purchase from a place that suits your requirements and budget.

The market has a plethora of frames in different shapes, colors, and designs. You can choose different frames for different purposes, like casual and occasional wear. The best frame for high-prescription glasses can be round or oval because they make your eyes look smaller and not distorted. You can choose single-vision, progressive or bifocal lenses depending on your prescription. High-prescription glasses require care and maintenance. Eyes are the camera for us to see the world in the best way. Make sure you invest in the best products for your eye care. Do not compromise over little quality and money for your glasses.

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