Chef Marcus Samuelsson On His Favorite Destinations In Africa, And More

Harlem Chef Marcus Samuelsson is no stranger to travel. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden, the award-winning chef now calls New York City home but spends a fair amount of time outside of the Big Apple. With 12 restaurants spread across North America and Europe, and with a newly opened spot in Bermuda, Samuelsson is a seasoned traveler.

We talked to him about his packing tips, the most surprising trip he’s taken, and the one vacation he’s always wanted to take.

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His favorite travel bag

“I have this huge duffel bag that I travel with wherever I go. It’s great because it’s so durable. I love old school hand bags or old Louis Vuitton bags, not only because they’re vintage, but because they’re really well made.”

His packing philosophy:

“My bag is always stuffed, but if I don’t have to bring luggage with me except a carry-on then I won’t. When you travel as much as I do, your life kind of shifts and there are things that you realize you can leave behind. I can always just buy something at the place that I’m going to go. My carry-on is always maxed out because I don’t want to bring checked luggage.”

The one trip he’s always wanted to take

“I’ve always wanted to take the train from one part of Russia to the other. It’s a wonderful way of seeing nature in a different way than from highways. It’s not like riding American trains, they’re much better.”

The place that surprised him

“The places that surprised me the most was when I visited Africa. Going to the night market for food in Nigeria, or completely disconnecting in Zanzibar with no Wi-Fi, these are the places that blew me away. Africa as a whole is still so underexposed and always beats my expectations. I’ve been to 15 different countries in Africa and I feel like the continent is not written about enough.”

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