Cheers For Charity A National Student Entrepreneurs Summit Soiree With The Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs

Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and Business Arsenal University presents its first annual Cheers for Charity fundraiser in partnership with the National Student Entrepreneurs Summit. Through a day-long fundraising event, attendees learn, support, and help raise funds for scholarships and grants for students’ participating in this year’s National Student Entrepreneurs Summit.

“If it wasn’t for those around me that believed in me and the things I wanted to do throughout my life, I wouldn’t be in a position to pay it forward now,” said National Student Entrepreneur Summit, Founder, Lorene Cowan. “That’s why I created this conference and fundraiser to bring both successful and aspiring individuals together to make a lasting impact in the realm of entrepreneurship.”

With education and empowerment at the forefront, this summit gives young entrepreneurs a chance to foster mentorship-based relationships with accredited business owners. Through a series of panels, workshops and networking opportunities students receive tips, advice, and guidance on how to start, run and scale a successful business.

This fundraiser plays as the foundational block to creating an experience for young entrepreneurs to become empowered, motivated and inspired to turn their small business dreams into big business realities.

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The event takes place at the Hudson Terrace, 621 W 46th Street, in New York on Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 from 2 P.M. – 9 P.M. With a ticket purchase, attendees receive an entry into this impactful soiree that includes paddle raise, dating auction and much more.

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