‘Caught In An Upward Spiral’ At Heath Gallery In Harlem

aft in flux show in harlem1This exhibition features four artists (Suprina, Jeffrey Allen Price, Gabriel Shuldiner and Victoria Udondian) that work with repurposed materials.

Suprina up-cycles materials into figurative pieces that address social injustices.Jeffrey Allen Price and Gabriel Shuldiner focus on process and transmutation of materials. Victoria Udondian investigates how fundamental changes in fabric can affect one’s perception of his or her identity.

The show is curated by Akeem Duncan, Editor Quiet Lunch Magazine and Leanne Stella, Director Art In FLUX.


The show will continue until May 22, 2016

They will also be celebrating the installation of DNA Totem by Suprina in Marcus Garvey Park from 4:30 to 6PM, Enter at 120th and 5th and walk up the steps. 

Heath Gallery, 24 West 120th Street (between Lenox and 5th Avenues), Harlem, New York, www.fluxfair.nyc,

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