Casts of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ and ‘Money & Violence’ Screen ‘DOPE’

7GGbyH_YuSBZXnk-iji_XeCongQNil8l0beSxUykRWsOn June 16, 2015 in New York, the casts of “Love & Hip Hop: NY” and the hit web series “Money & Violence” came out to Bryant Park Hotel to support DOPE.

_fy0ZV1CaHV6AMsz9YEQLfvDxbcbcsMkM78o4SQvlCkTCi5-FZMYnJ9lJ1RLBpTw9jW0nTxHkvKQ9OYFnKa80AcVL6ekSxWw8RIVz058diBg4UdvFum6qPPba4GHis9OUHQfzyTFoVKoUtskgsUFmmkARa9B7C3XggQGj8CJ1A5gxM-L3Bjvi3n1gy-a8gwLT0gTXN1tg4RPOZCzT1z2DMkAttendees included Sherri Shepherd, “Power” actor Marc John Jeffries; “Love & Hip Hop: NY” cast members Amina Buddafly, Chrissy Monroe, Precious Paris, Rashidah Ali and Kimbella; Harlem Dipset rapper Juelz Santana; “Money & Violence” cast members Rafe, Grimey Tai, Striff, Cash, Princess, DJ Daffie, Shaquana, The Yardees and Erica Anderson; Power 105’s Cherry Martinez and ARISE TV’s Shannon Lanier.

DOPE premieres nationwide on Friday.

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Photo credit: 1) Kimbela & Juelz Santana. 2) Amina Buddafly. 3) Cherry Martinez Power 105 4) Marc John Jerfferies 5) Rashidah Ali. 6) The Yardees (Fresh & G) of Money & Violence. Photographs by Stephen Knight.

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