Car Injury Case, How You Can Improve Your Chances For A Successful Outcome

December 14, 2020

It goes without saying that surviving an automobile accident is a frightening experience. Beyond property damages to your vehicle, you may have suffered extensive physical or emotional injuries that any court ruling or compensation check won’t ever make fade away. In these scenarios, claiming your right is the only right thing to do. Every year, too many victims fail to obtain a favorable ruling either due to inadequate preparations, mishaps, or not having a competent lawyer at their side.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can maximize your chances for a successful outcome in a car injury case.

Preserve All Evidence

If you hope to ever receive fair compensation or assert your rights in court, the first and most crucial step is to preserve all the evidence and documentation related to your accident. While the police will have drafted an official report of the incident, you should take pictures of the scene, damages to your property, your injuries, get eyewitness testimonies, and possibly their contact information. Do not engage with the other party. 

Seek Medical Treatment

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Never wait to get medical treatment after your car accident. Have an ambulance called or present yourself to the emergency room as soon as possible for assistance. No matter the seriousness of your injuries, even if you think you haven’t undergone any, make it a point to get a full health check. Insurance companies often scrutinize a victim’s whereabouts straight after an incident; if you wait too long to get checked, this could be used against you. Keep all medical records and bills for future use as well.

Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

According to auto accident statistics, states with rural counties and crowded cities have a larger number of fatal accidents per year, namely counties like Athens, GA. If you ever get involved in an accident, once the accident’s initial shock has passed, the next thing you want to do is contact your Athens car accident lawyer, or hire one as soon as possible. Georgia-based attorneys believe that having the best advocate at your side will significantly increase your chances of building a strong case. A reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer will provide top-notch defense and help you navigate the legal system and deal with insurers for the best possible outcome. So, scour the web for a trusted advocate in your area.

Negotiate a Settlement

Nearly 9 out of every 10 motor accident cases in the United States end up in settlements. This involves filing insurance with the other party’s insurance company. Even if there is no doubt as to the other driver’s fault in the accident, insurers will often present low-ball offers to the claimant. Never settle for a low offer; your lawyer will be able to bring that figure up until you feel that the compensation is fair. It may take some time and negotiation, but ultimately, it’ll be worth it financially and make up for your losses (medical bills, emotional damages, lost income). If all fails, prepare to go to court.

File Your Case Immediately

If the insurance company doesn’t budge, filing a lawsuit is the next logical step. Your attorney will help build a strong case and elaborate a viable defense strategy in court to ensure that you win your case. While the decision to pursue legal action should not be taken lightly, your counsel will inform you of the pros and cons. If you both see the merits of this option, file the case immediately. Delaying a lawsuit may be counterproductive and make you lose your case, therefore costing you thousands in legal and procedural fees. So, proceed with caution and follow your lawyer’s advice.

Lay Off Social Media

Even though it may be tempting to go on a virtual rent and let the whole world know about your ordeal, this isn’t prudent at all. All the details pertaining to your accident, your insurance settlement, or lawsuit, should be kept private. Failing to uphold the confidentiality of your case can not only make you lose your case, but it may also expose you to a host of legal and insurance problems. In short, stay under the radar, and don’t compromise your chance for a favorable outcome with an angry Facebook post.

All things considered, car accident cases are not only traumatic for the victims, but they can also be extremely complicated to deal with. Between the judiciary and insurers, it’s all a big maze that can be difficult to navigate. This is why it’s always recommended to stay vigilant and keep personal records, seek medical assistance, and most of all, bring in a competent lawyer to be your legal representative. After lots of paperwork and what will seem like endless procedures, you’ll finally be able to claim your rights and obtain fair compensation for your ordeal.

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