Can’t Fall Asleep? Try These Tested Methods To Enjoy Sleep Like A Baby

June 14, 2021

Deep and Peaceful – babies get to enjoy the best of their sleep.

If you’ve ever seen a baby sleep, you would be able to relate to the statement above. Once fallen asleep,  babies can sleep for 10 to 12-consecutive hours.

As an adult with sleep issues, you might feel envious of this deep and peaceful sleep. But, what if we were to tell that you too can fall asleep like a baby? Yes, it is possible!

Continue reading to unlock tested methods to enjoy sleep like a baby!

 Wear a Sleep Mask

Be it a gel or silk sleep mask -it is scientifically and research-proven that sleep masks help individuals fall asleep quickly.

These masks create a region of darkness near your eyes, which tricks the brain into thinking it’s nighttime. As a result, your brain increases the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin.  And you can fall asleep quickly and deeply.

Where to buy Sleep Masks?

You can find high-quality and premium masks anywhere easily. Several online platforms are selling branded sleep masks, though they are often heavily priced.

In local stores and outlets, Home Depot is an amazing option. There is a diverse variety available at reasonable costs. Have you purchased sleep masks previously? Then, don’t forget to leave your valuable reviews in the HomeDepot Survey. It’s an amazing opportunity offered by the place that you can use to spread awareness about products.

Different Sleeping Positions

Have you ever seen a baby change positions while sleeping? Sometimes, a baby would continuously rotate until he finds the perfect sweet spot. Well, the same applies to adults!

Different individuals fall asleep in different positions. It’s all about your sweet spot, which is the position that gives you the most comfort. 

Some people find lying straight comfortably, while others wrap themselves around the blanket. Some prefer lying on their stomach, while some like the side position. There is no specific position that offers the best sleep. So,  experiment until you find the ideal one!

Cuddle in a Blanket  

Ever wondered why your toddler doesn’t drift off to sleep without a blanket? Why the blanket’s a must to calm their hyperactive mind and shush their energy so you can lull them to sleep? Well, that’s because the warmth and weight of a blanket have a calming effect on our sensory nervous system. They practically feel like hugs! Thus, it relieves stress, anxiety and calming hyperactive energy.

Read Yourself a Bedtime Story

Bedtime stories do help a lot in falling asleep. Perhaps, this is why most parents read bedtime stories to their kids.

Stories help your mind relax and enter the world of imagination. It soothes your entire body, pushes your worries away,  and helps in falling asleep.

If you do not prefer reading stories yourself, you can listen to a podcast or an e-book.  There are multiple options available online.

Have Something Warm

The majority of babies fall asleep after drinking a bottle of warm sweet milk.  Why? It is because drinking something warm eases your mind and muscles. 

Its warmth spreads throughout your body and thus, induces sleep.  However, as an adult, you have a lot of different options than just plain milk.

You can opt for a steaming mug of hot chocolate or some soup.  Coffee or tea is simply not recommendable as caffeine has the opposite effect. It will wake you up instead of falling asleep.

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