BUY BLACK 30’s goal is to create enough of an economic dent, that lawmakers are able to create legislation on police reform that will ensure the protection for people of the Africana Diaspora in this country. We are proposing a four-phase plan that is broken down into four weeks, which will get participants acclimated into a new way of shopping and using their money. The plan includes: canceling all streaming services that are not black-owned, shopping at black-owned retailers exclusively, dining at black-owned establishments exclusively and circulating our dollars with black-owned banks. We have provided resources on social media platforms which includes websites that we hope makes it easier for participants in the challenge. Follow @buyblack30 and share the posts and resources with your followers. Ask your followers for any black-owned businesses, (this is important because many black-owned businesses are unlisted) make note of all the ones they send you and make a list separated by category (business type) city and state.Take pictures, videos, etc. of you patronizing black-owned businesses and tag #buyblack30challenge and we will share your post. Leave reviews for black businesses on Google and Yelp if they’re listed.SHARE SHARE SHARE…Please post on your social media pages. If you want to begin your own challenge without our platform, we will encourage you and support you.Read the entire article here.Photo credit: Miss Lil and Chef JJ Johnson at Food Bank Forbes Event.