Build A Stylish Jewelry Collection With Just 10 Pieces

November 19, 2020

Jewelry is so much fun to buy and wear that it’s easy to end up with dozens of pieces that are never worn. Before long, trinkets can take up critical space. The solution is to take a minimalist approach and create a capsule collection. Jewelry professionals recommend building around a few core, high-quality pieces. There is no one-size-fits-all guide, but each woman’s selections should mesh with her wardrobe, personal tastes, and budget. The right ten pieces can be mixed and matched for any occasion.

  1. Choose a Versatile Necklace

A wardrobe needs one necklace that can be worn every day and looks good with anything. When looking for jewelry, opt for minimalist pieces that are eye-catching and add a splash of color to neutral clothing. Personalized necklaces are very hot right now. Jewelers offer them in a range of sizes and types and offer custom versions that allow customers to make unique statements.

  1. Find the Ideal Cocktail Ring

Invest in a big, attention-grabbing cocktail ring that can go with casual or dressy clothes. Huge rings are trending now, so there are lots of options. Consider a large, glittering piece that stuns in any situation. Per a Forbes fashion piece, “An oversized cocktail ring can play up to a simple cardigan or make a statement with an evening gown.”

  1. A Cuff Bracelet Is Essential

Cuff bracelets can be the epitome of a cool, casual look or become the perfect accessory on glam occasions. A cuff bracelet is one that rests on the arm but does not close. It has an open area inside the wrist. Cuffs are worn low on wrists. Jewelers offer them in every imaginable material, but opt for a simple style in a timeless material like gold or silver for an exquisite look.

  1. Diamond Studs Go Everywhere

No jewelry collection is complete without beautiful, multipurpose diamond stud earrings. They add sparkle and personality to every look and can be the fallback for those times when it’s hard to choose the right style. There are versions to fit every budget. Like all diamond jewelry, the cost depends on the size and quality of stones. High-end pieces can range from $500 to $36,000.

However, even girls on the tightest budgets can get the look without breaking the bank. A recent Vogue article featured a pair of 3.5 carat solitaire CZ studs for a mere $28. CZ stands for cubic zirconia, a stone that mimics diamonds’ look so closely that most people cannot tell the difference.

  1. Own at Least One Long Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are not only versatile and fun, they are among the trendiest pieces right now. It is easy to find chain necklaces in styles ranging from delicate gold or silver versions to chunkier ox chains. For those who want one piece that goes anywhere, consider a long pendant necklace with minimal sparkle but maximum glamour. Like most core pieces, the right chain goes from day to evening.

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  1. Include an Everyday Ring

No collection is complete without a ring to put on every day and wear with anything just because it is so well-loved. While every woman’s idea of the best ring will vary, some of the best choices include:

  • Thin gold hammered bands
  • Diamond eternity bands
  • Sculptural stability rings
  • Gold textured circle rings
  • Thin stacked star rings
  • White enamel bands
  1. Invest in Statement Earrings

We all know a well-dressed woman who has a pair of quality earrings that she never takes off. In most cases, these are the statement earrings in a fashionista’s collection. Some women opt for classic hoops, others love drop earrings, and many never leave home without a pair of unique studs.

Some noteworthy contenders are large, gold-plated, or silver hoops. Tube hoops are gorgeous, as are tiny, elegant hoops. There are charm earrings and structural styles that include two pieces in different shapes for those who like dangly earwear. Pearl huggie earrings are great options, as are wavy hoops.

  1. Pearls Are Always Trending

For centuries, pearls have been considered must-have jewelry for fashionable women, and that is still true. However, modern versions are a fry cry from grandmother’s staid strands. Many contemporary designers have incorporated the classic gemstones into chic, fresh pieces. Pearls are often part of on-trend pendants. The pearl choker is making a comeback, and the world’s most famous women often wear triple strands.

Matinee pearl necklaces are 22-23 inches long and are the perfect length to drape. They look terrific with anything in any season. Many women are opting for colorful pearl necklaces in pink, cream, or silver. Some pieces include more than one color. The warmer shades are flattering to many women’s skin tones.

  1. Choose A Stylish Watch

Even though most people use smartphones to tell the time, watches are still essential wear. Like all jewelry, they can complement clothing and create interest. Women’s watch design is currently borrowing from the boys, and many on-trend women are sporting oversized watches. They often feature square shapes and clean, metallic looks.

For ladies who like colorful bands, red is trending, along with sunburst dial patterns and bejeweled styles. Cuff watches are, as always, favorites, and contemporary timepieces often feature unique bands. For those who want quality and style without spending a fortune, signature square bracelet watches are hot, as are designs featuring colorful leather and even rubber straps.

  1. Don’t Forget the Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is primarily designed to create some buzz, and every jewelry collection needs one. It should reflect the owner’s personal style and be bold enough to grab some attention.

Examples of statement styles include fringe, floral, multi-chain, and art deco designs. Many women opt for woven ribbon bibs or huge, chunky strands that are braided together. Each piece is vibrant in its own way, whether its stand-out feature comes from color, design, size, or motif.

A minimalist jewelry collection has all the essential pieces needed for any occasion. It is surprisingly easy to create an exceptional collection using ten quality core pieces. Everyone will include their favorite pieces, and the all-around collection should include statement, pearl, chain, and versatile necklaces. Collections need statement, every day, and cocktail rings, as well as a classic cuff bracelet and good-looking watch.

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