Bottega Veneta’s Harlem Outdoor On Safari Gear

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In a recent article in Business Of Fashion they discussed the new gear from Bottega Veneta titled Great Outdoor Gear, but for us it’s pure Harlem style seen on any Harlem street near you.

To bring the point home Bottega Veneta had super model and Harlem resident Liya Kebede in the show, with a poplin-gown unzipped all the way down the back, from neck to hem. And that, for anyone who ever wondered, is how to give a vintage sail sex appeal.

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We love the integration of urban style and outdoor gear, when a Harlemite goes on safari  this is what we would wear, a fur to accented camouflage gear, camouflage wedges, or any camouflage worn with an accessory is something that has been in the Harlem vernacular since Nam.

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