‘Bomb Cyclone’ Even Hit Underground Subway Stations From Harlem To Hollis (Update)

NY Post reports that some riders who hoped to escape the driving snow and wind by heading underground to their subway station were out of luck on Thursday.

A handful of subway stations, such as the 116th Street station in East Harlem, had clear platforms, but the stairs were thick with snow and the handrails were so wet and cold that it was impossible to get a grip, said riders.

“It’s not safe,” said Sonam Temzin, a 27-year-old social worker.

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MTA officials said there’s nothing they can do about the snow coming in through the grates, and that they are working as quickly as possible to clean up the messes.

“We have grates that ventilate the system, and that’s how air and snow sometimes get in,” said MTA spokesman Andrei Berman. “We have teams out working to clear them as efficiently as possible.”

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