Bike Riding Pointers For Kids This Summer In Harlem

kidcallWe’re half through the summer, and the organization Kidical Mass helps young cyclists gain experience. They also want kids to ride safe, so they can ride for years to come in Harlem. 

Here’s a short list of pointers, for kids riding for the first time:

  1. We require all kids under 14 to wear a helmet, following NYC law.
  2. All kids should be able to stop. This seems pretty obvious, but lots of kids stop with their feet. Kids should be able to stop using the brakes on their bikes/scooters, unless they are scoot bikes.
  3. Kids should practice their directions. Most will be following others, and we will have marshals for our rides, but to know which way is left and right is a good idea.
  4. Don’t cross your wheels with another bike ahead of you or behind you. Know what is around you.

Kidical Mass,,

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