Big Up, To Big L’s Top Ten Videos for Black Music Month (warning)

For Black Music Month I selected a Harlem born artist who I believe deserves to be celebrated during Black Music Month. When I started to contemplate the editorial, one artist popped up into my mind who I think hands down should be remembered. That’s 1990’s hip-hop lyricist Big L (Lamont Coleman), who was born and raised on 139th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem. From his lyrical sharp flow to his outstanding punchlines, no question, he is the best to come out of the best village in the world.

Here’s my top ten video countdown:



Here’s a video from the beginning of his career.

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This song very creative and entertaining.



No video but this song is still hot.



His first single on his First album.



This is after his passing.



Rare solo Big L freestyle.



Rare duo with Big L and Jay-z freestyle.



An even better freestyle from Big L in 1992.



Just a classic with two hip-hop legends.



His best, it’s still relevant and still true t0 this day.

What do you think?

By Leon Woods

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