Beverly Johnson Launch “The Face That Changed It All “

johnson2By Eartha Watts-Hicks

On Saturday, September 5th, 2015, my cousin, Leslie Faulkner (Beverly Johnson fan) and I attended Beverly Johnson’s launch of her new book The Face That Changed It All at the Museum of the City of New York, New York City.

The Face That Changed It All is a memoir that is impeccably written. It is hard to imagine anyone this beautiful inside and out ever having serious problems.


I’ve caught glimpses of her around, throughout the years, in magazines and on television (my favorite appearance as Miss Trinidad on Martin). It is hard to imagine how anyone would want to cause anyone gracious any kind of grief. Why? She seems to be such a doll, beautiful both inside and out. And despite all the hype and fanfare of the fashion world, reading her story, she struck me as just another sister that happen to wind up in the midst of it. Always supportive and encouraging, she fought hard to do all she could to build a career and remain above any pettiness and cattiness that tried to ensue her.

ms. johnson and ms hicks 2

Beverly Johnson is a survivor, not a crybaby. She went into her life’s story spilling details and came out taking responsibility. Her frankness, at first, surprised me and then, impressed me. Sharing her story took courage, guts one might not immediately expect of a supermodel. But then again, Beverly Johnson is not just another pretty face.

The Face That Changed It All, by Beverly Johnson (Author), André Leon Talley, $19.01 Hardcover Amazon.

Photo credit (l to r): 1) Beverly Johnson. 2) Beverly Johnson and Leslie Faulkner. 3) Beverly Johnson and Eartha Watts-Hicks. Photography by Mr. Clinton Long.

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