Best 5 “Luke Cage” Marvel Comic Collectibles


Luke Cage, also known as “take no prisoners” Power Man, was born 1972, in Harlem. He is a fictional superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The first issue of the comic book Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 appeared in June, 1972 (see below), and today the brand has gone next level with a hit on Netflix starring Mike Colter.

Here’s our best hit-list:

1. Luke Cage “Noir”, 2010

luke-cage1The one-off Luke Cage Noir with its dramatic stark black and white cover (above), an incredible collectible paperback – that would look great hanging on the wall. $962.83

2. Luke Cage “Hero For Hire” Power Man

51nbjxuaaxlThe essential throwback Luke Cage, Power Man, Volume 1 comic book, c., 1970’s. By George Tuska, Billy Graham and John Romita book. $250.89

3. Power Man, “Iron Fist” (Aka Luke Cage)

51wz50ax79lThe Luke Cage, Power Man And Iron Fist, (from the 1972 series, #106– 1972). A great collectible with the red dramatic red hot graphic cover. $ 289.00

4. Luke Cage, Power Man

51nbjxuaaxlAnother great Luke Cage, Power Man, No. 17, cover of the comic book collectible by Stan Lee, 1974$ 175.96

5. Los Nuevos Vengadores: Luke Cage

816kd1gxclThis comic book Los Nuevos Vengadores: Luke Cage, is another collectible with a twist, its global a Spanish version in a perfect bound paperback book.  $ 210.00

A great brand, doing great things by the team Archie Goodwin, John Romita, Sr. and George Tuska in 1972.

Did we miss one?

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