Bernie And Al Meet At Sylvia’s In Harlem (video)

2016_02_berniesharp5After his resounding primary win in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders made his way back to New York City for some important meetings. First was breakfast (or just tea?) at Sylvia’s with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sanders apparently asked for the meeting, as he looks to win over more African American voters ahead of the primary in South Carolina, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading in polls. The Daily Beast first reported the planned meeting yesterday: “By meeting with Sharpton at Sylvia’s Restaurant—the very place then-Sen. Barack Obama sat down with the preacher in 2008—Sanders is sending a message to Clinton forces: Don’t sleep.” (In 2007, Sharpton met with then-Senator Barack Obama at Sylvia’s.)

When the two Brooklyn natives appeared outside the soul food temple, the crowd erupted into cheers for Sanders:

Sharpton said, “I’ve asked him very bluntly about Flint. I’ve asked him very bluntly about affirmative action. I’ve asked him very bluntly about the issues of police brutality and police misconduct, things I want to hear… I think it is very important that he sent a signal that on the morning after a historic victory — it’s the widest margin we’ve seen in the history of New Hampshire — he would come to Harlem and have breakfast with me.”


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