Behind-The-Scenes At The PEN Hemmingway Awards

earthas world1NYCHA/NAACP literacy ambassador, Eartha Watts Hicks, with PEN Hemmingway Award winner Noviolet Bulawayo, Harlem Writers Guild member Miriam Kelly Ferguson, and PEN Hemmingway Award finalist Mitchell S. Jackson.

earthas world2Eartha Watts Hicks with finalist Mitchell S. Jackson author The Residue Years.

earths world 6Noviolet signs for an admiring reader.

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earthas world4A reading of We Need New Names by Hemingway Award winner, Noviolet Bulawayo.

earthas world5Last year, LOVE CHANGES was also submitted for a PEN award. My title was not selected for debut novel, however my invitation to this Awards ceremony is prize enough.

Over the weekend at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Grateful for the experience to share with Miriam Kelly Ferguson of the Harlem Writers Guild.

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