Become A Winner With The Most Popular Online Game

A fast-paced dice game that is chocked full of variation, what’s not to love?

Ladies and gentlemen, Sic Bo is here and it’s here to stay, go ask anyone who’s checked out this wonderfully simple Kings Casino game! For the uninitiated: do you enjoy the simplicity of craps mixed with roulette? Then you’ll love Sic Bo. 

Since its inception, Sic Bo has become arguably one of the fastest rising dice games in the world, Is it popular? We like to think so, but it probably has quite the distance to travel if it’s to be held in the same breath as roulette or blackjack.

The Current Status Of Sic Bo 

Right now we see a lot of people on the fence with Sic Bo. This dice game is featured across various casino sites, only it tends to get overshadowed by some of the bigger casino games. It’s quite a strange game to describe to people not in-the-know to be completely honest. It works for us, but only because we’ve been fans from the jump. 

Unfortunately, to casual players, the name Sic Bo is mostly met with confusion. Most don’t realize the potential of a casino game like this — or maybe they prefer a game with more stakes, who knows. Our motto is: if it works for you, who cares what others are doing. Some of the best-kept secrets are games like Sic Bo. Popularity is overrated, especially if you’re making a hell of a lot of money. 

How Do You Play Sic Bo? 

One should consider Sic Bo the perfect replacement to craps — if craps is considered too complicated that is. Like roulette, your goal is simple: predict outcomes before they happen using the dice you see on the table — or on-screen. With each turn, you are free to bet on multiple outcomes at once, with a different payout each time! 

To play all you have to do is drop your chips on any betting element you see on the screen. Once happy with your offering, simply hit ‘roll’ to get the game moving. A dice animation will begin and ultimately land on a specific set of numbers. If you bet on the right outcome, you trigger a payout. Arguably the best thing about Sic Bo are the best options. 

Total – Probably the easiest bet you’ll ever make, simply bet on the total of all three dice combined.

Single – A single bet covers one specific number. That means if you bet on a four and a four appears on any of the dice, you win.

Double – Pretty easy to remember, with the double you are saying that a number will appear on two of the dice shown.

Triple – A risk if you’re willing to take it. With the triple, you are betting on all three dice showing a certain number. At most casinos the triple has a 30:1 payout for correct predictions, think you can do it?

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