Be A Harlem Rebel, And Decarbonize NYC From Harlem To Hollis With Revel

July 14, 2021

The tremendous load growth associated with electric vehicle (EV) adoption coupled with variable generation from renewable power sources is expected to challenge grid stability. To support grid reliability, electric mobility companies can serve as “virtual power plants” by providing valuable real-time services to the grid.

These services include “demand response” operations, where charging stations provide immediate relief to the electric grid by shedding load at a moment’s notice.

Revel is partnering with GridRewards™, a groundbreaking virtual power plant software, to dynamically adjust the charging schedule of its electric moped fleet to enhance the resilience of New York City’s electric grid.

In addition to supporting grid resilience, the partnership between Revel and GridRewardsTM is supporting a cleaner grid.

The sources of power generation activated at times of highest demand, known as “peaker plants,” emit twice as much carbon dioxide per unit of electricity than regular power plants and 20 times as much nitrogen oxides.

When New York City experienced a severe heatwave the week of June 28th, Revel shifted the timing of its charging sessions and avoided the peak usage hours when electricity is dirtiest and most expensive.

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In doing so, Revel’s actions were akin to powering 100 homes with carbon-free energy. It is this type of dynamic energy use that is critical to a successful transition to a clean energy economy.

In doing so, Revel’s actions were akin to powering 100 homes with carbon-free energy. It is this type of dynamic energy use that is critical to a successful transition to a clean energy economy.

“As we continue to expand our electric mobility products, we plan to be an asset to the grid rather than a liability,” said Paul Suhey, Revel COO & Co-Founder. “Our EV infrastructure and charging operations can play a major role in helping NYC transition to a cleaner electric grid.”

“As transportation electrifies, it is imperative that electric mobility companies schedule their charging operations to promote grid resiliency,” says David Klatt, Logical Buildings Vice President of Operations. “Revel is taking necessary steps to ensure it is a leader in intelligent charging operations, paving the way for the smooth electrification and decarbonization of NYC.”

Individual Con Edison customers in New York City and Westchester can also get paid to unplug and participate in the GridRewards™ program by downloading the free app via the App Store and Google Play or Web.

Through leveraging data from the utility provider’s new smart meters, the app prompts users to take simple electricity-reducing actions during high-demand time periods to earn cash.

GridRewards™ puts the power to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions into the hands of residents and businesses.

Activities such as dimming lights and unplugging energy-intensive appliances offer cash rewards and diminish the need for pollution-inducing peaker plants.

Smart meter customers using GridRewards™ can receive cash rewards of up to 20 percent of their annual energy bills.

Smart meter customers using GridRewards™ can receive cash rewards of up to 20 percent of their annual energy bills.

Developed by AI technology solutions leader Logical Buildings, GridRewards™ was honored with a coveted Mark of Excellence Award for “Energy Efficiency Product of the Year 2021” from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Logical Buildings is industry-leading sustainability, smart building and virtual powerplant software and services provider for the built world.

Our revolutionary technologies enable the Energy Transition, empowering residential, commercial and industrial energy users to earn money, enhance building health and reduce carbon footprint, all from within user-friendly, award-winning mobile apps.

Logical Buildings operates at the forefront of innovation in property and energy tech.

Continued decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization of the built world means that energy users have unprecedented control of their energy bill and the ability to generate revenue by making utilities and the grid more resilient.

Our simple-to-use products, SmartKit AI™ (smart building sustainability tech) and GridRewards™ (residential virtual powerplant tech), provide a holistic sustainability solution to our clients, including over 60 of the largest national real estate owner/managers and thousands of residential energy users.

By integrating smart meter energy data and IoT devices, we reward our users for making intelligent energy decisions and improving the health of the built world at scale.

Revel is a Brooklyn-born transportation company that’s electrifying cities through charging infrastructure and shared electric vehicle fleets.

Through the Revel app, users can rent electric mopeds, sign up for monthly eBike subscriptions, hail an electric car ride or find fast-charging stations compatible with any brand of EV.

Revel prides itself on its total rejection of the gig economy and its collaborative approach with local governments.

Founded in 2018, the company now operates in four New York City boroughs, Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida, and San Francisco, California. To learn more, visit and follow @_gorevel on Twitter.

Photo credit: 1-4) Revel.

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