Basic Fashion Rules Every Guy Should Know

March 26, 2021

Are you finding a hard time getting the best look for a particular occasion? Unlike ladies who generally take a keener consideration into appearances, it may be more challenging for guys when they need to appear a certain way.

Fashion is not merely an expression but it allows you to respect others as well as feel comfortable with your choice of outfit. Getting trendy jeans for the vacation or a superb suit for an office meeting is not an easy task.

If you have man boobs, even the classiest outfit may look inappropriate. Thankfully, there are countless remedy options to pick from, and you can buy compression shirts at the Confidence BodyWear store. But before you do, here are essential fashion rules you shouldn’t shop without knowing.

Learn to Make a Tie and Wear a Suit Properly

Many guys don’t have a clue on tie tying, yet it’s something quite basic. Once you learn how to make your tie, you’ll easily cruise through it.

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Understanding how to make a tie is crucial. Imagine going to an interview without one, a funeral, or one of your company’s board meetings.

Likewise, you need to understand the right suit that goes with your tie. If you’re buying ready-mades, concentrate on how they fit your shoulders. Altering the waist and chest areas is a walk in the park.

Classic suits are always an excellent choice. There is something about the dark, dual-button, single-breasted suits with moderate details which can’t easily go out of style.

Get a Watch

A watch is a great way to compliment your look. Select a watch that pleases you while also putting some thought into how you’ll feel about it a few months later.

It should be appealing, functional, and sturdy to retain its classic appearance over time. Additionally, you should consider how it fits relative to your wrist. You wouldn’t want a big one that may appear inappropriate on certain occasions, especially when paired with a suit.

Understand How to Wear Cologne Properly

Even for ladies, “bathing” in cologne is quite the turnoff. You don’t want to be the guy who seeks everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons. Not to mention, some people are allergic to strong scents.

Spray the sections of your body that emit heat but not areas that emit odor as well, such as armpits. Some suitable areas for cologne include your chest and both sides of your wrist.

Pick Shoes That Suit Your Style

Shoes are more important than most guys understand as they form the base for any outfit. The type of shoes you pick always leave an impression.

If you properly maintain your shoes, they are a suitable investment. Getting some good shoes that encompass your toes properly is better than saving money but losing it in the end through the constant replacement of a set of cheap pairs.

You should consider the collar, details, and sole type before selecting your shoes. Although fussy footwear may look trendy right now, you may not like it after a short while. Getting shoes with changeable soles allows you to use them for a long time and save money.

Moreover, remember to preserve your official shoes only for crucial occasions and get a few sneakers to slide in during casual events.

Don’t Overdo Accessories

Accessories like pocket squares and ties bring out your personality when wearing classic outfits, though you should be mindful when using them.

Harmonizing accessories with your clothing by selecting one or two colors is an excellent way to pair them. Still, you may decide to contrast them entirely. Matching them up may not be the best way to dress.

For instance, when curating tie and shirt combos, a fantastic way is to wear your pocket square or tie in darker tones than your jacket. Keeping the accessories to a minimum is always a wise choice. Whenever in doubt, assume less is more, then eliminate an element.

Pick a Fitting Shirt

The trick to picking well-fitting shirts is knowing your sleeve length and neck size.

To determine your neck size, measure it around your Adam’s apple. Be sure you can comfortably fit two fingers (both pressed against the neck) between the tape and your neck for the perfect size.

To get your sleeve length, place your hand to your side while bending an arm at a right angle. Have someone measure you from the center back of your neck, going along your arm’s outer part, and follow the arm all the way to the wrist.

Know the Meaning of Different Care Label Symbols

If you do your laundry, you should know what the different care label symbols mean. One dot denotes using cold water; two is for moderate warmth, while three stands for hot water. When you see one underline, it signifies a permanent press. Two denotes a delicate press.

  • A bucket containing water: wash
  • Triangle: bleach
  • Circle within a Square: Tumble Dry (check for liners and dots)
  • Square: dry (the picture indicates what you should do, for instance, drip dry, hang/line dry, or dry flat)
  • Iron: iron
  • Circle: dry (if it has an X, it means you shouldn’t dry clean)

Closing Remarks

After taking the time and money to pick your clothing, it’s best to take care of it properly. Have wooden hangers for your shirts and shoe racks for footwear. Remember to polish leather shoes and dust of and clean dirty sneakers. Properly clean and press your suits once dry. While cleaning, avoid tumble drying clothes as this tends to degrade the fabric.

Minimize wearing socks in summer to avoid having sweaty shoes. Don’t put bulging things like phones and keys in your pocket. If you want sunglasses, go for those contrasting with your face rather than mimicking it. Another tip for bringing your A-game is keeping your khaki pants straight, no rolling.

Your body needs proper care as well. Have a simple but solid grooming routine. Clean and cut your nails, take care of your hair, and so forth. Getting your perfect look begins with proper body hygiene.

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