Barbara Askins Talks 125th Street On The Danny Tisdale Show (Video)

Join Barbara Askins, president and founder of the 125th Street BID, as she talks about the future of 125th Street, the growth of Harlem, her paintings and much more, with award-winning host Danny Tisdale on The Danny Tisdale Show.

Barbara Askins serves as President and CEO of the 125th Street Business Improvement District in Upper Manhattan (Harlem) in New York City. She has done extensive work in the field of improving cities as a public involvement specialist on transportation, environmental and facility planning projects, working on major projects in several cities that included reconstruction of highways and city streets, upgrading rail and bus systems, improving sewage-treatment facilities, creative public spaces, and sports and conventions center. She was a member of Community Board 10, back in 1992. In 1993, she successfully created the first and only business improvement district in the Harlem community. Under her leadership, the 125th Street. Ms. Askins has received numerous proclamations, citations, and awards from community organizations. Recently, she was responsible for bringing into fruition the first cultural bonus incentive in NYC to be used to shape the future of 125th Street as a cultural destination. Her efforts were realized worldwide when the American Planning Association named 125th Street one of the ten best streets in the country in 2007.

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Here’s the conversation:

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All on this week’s edition of The Danny Tisdale Show; the podcast show hosted by businessman, visual artist and former Harlem Community Board member Danny Tisdale.

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