Bangkok Here I Come

July 15, 2021

So you landed a job in Bangkok. The excitement is taking over, but you are also feeling nervous about the unknown. 

It’s an all-natural reaction. To ease your nerves a bit, here are a few things you might not know about Bangkok and Thailand:


It’s always good to know the laws of a new country when you’re moving there or even travel through. A fundamental law to know is that you must have your passport with you at all times while moving around Thailand. However, most foreigners take a picture on their cellphones of their passport and show it to officials. On a lighter side of things, Thailand has a few shocking and giggle-worthy laws too. For instance, it’s a crime to throw a piece of gum on the pavement. If you want to try out and see what happens when you cross this law, make sure you have just over $500 in your wallet. Yes, that is the fine you pay when breaking this law. Don’t have the cash? Well then, off to jail you go. 

Don’t Stay Too Far

When you are thinking about where to live, even to Rent condo in Bangkok, make sure that it’s close to public transport. If you think traffic is bad where you’re currently staying, you’re in for a shocker on the other side of the world. Bangkok is enormous, their population is just over 10.5 million people, causing it to have terrible traffic and their infrastructure much to be desired for. It doesn’t help if you want to save some money by renting a condo on the outskirts of Bangkok and then have to pay more on the commute. Plus, you have to work extra travel time in when you decide to get up in the mornings. 

Cash Is King

When you decide to explore your beautiful surroundings, leave your credit card at home. Most of the shops and street vendors only deal with cash. Make sure that you withdraw enough money before hitting the streets; otherwise, you will soon find yourself only able to window shop.

Respect The Culture

Buddhism is the number one religion in Bangkok. There are many traditions and codes which monks and Buddhists must follow. For instance, when you come across a monk on public transport, stay at least 1 meter away from him if you are a woman. And don’t even think about sitting next to him on a bench. This is all part of their sacred code, which they must uphold when they become monks by never touching a woman. The king of Thailand is revered. When the king’s anthem plays, you must stand up, you may not say anything defaming about him, and you cannot step on any Thai currency (because it has the king’s head on it).

Doing research and learning a few Thai sentences can make your stay in Bangkok easier. The phenomenal thing is that the majority of people in Bangkok do understand English. So you can scratch off the language barrier from your list of worries and start popping that champagne bottle to celebrate your new life ahead in Bangkok.

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